So, first let us define, what is constipation?By encyclopedic dictionary of medical terms is defined as a slow constipation, difficulty or lack of bowel movements regularly.The chair becomes hard, the child is afraid to sit on the potty because of the pain in his stomach gases accumulate, and there is discomfort.But if the child just does not go to the toilet, it does not mean that he had constipation.As a rule, you need to defecate at least every day, but if the baby goes to the potty every two days and thus had normal stool, then it's okay.

But what you can to help those kids who find it difficult to go to the toilet for a long time?

First, mothers should organize proper nutrition and to establish a clear mode of the day .In most cases, when parents come to the doctor, they require the appointment of drugs that can help eliminate the problem of constipation for multiple days.However, it is the proper organization of power in the family will help solve the problem of the baby.Experts recommend
limiting the dietary consumption of eggs in large quantities, sausages, sweets, meat, cheese and starchy foods.We should try to get on your table was as much vegetables, which contain coarse vegetable fibers - beets, carrots, squash, pumpkins, melons and gourds.To kids happy eating these vegetables are boiled, we recommend to fill them with vegetable oil or light mayonnaise.Just do not use fatty mayonnaise (if possible, this product is best to exclude), as well as sour cream, because the fat will simply slow down the bowels.

reason also to be found in lack of fluid in the body .Let your child drink more simple some water, herbal teas, prune juice, broth prunes.If constipation is best to cook a variety of soups with chicken broth, boiled vegetables.Forget about the muffins and pastries, they are contraindicated in case of constipation.Eliminate as whole milk, legumes: they are responsible for gassing.

course, very important are dairy products , bifidum-enriched flora.These include yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt one or two days, varenets.Let's take them in the morning on an empty stomach or at night.

Mothers also need to arrange for your child to move more.Let the kid more walks in the fresh air, walking long distances will take place, but of course, within reason.Kids must observe the correct mode of the day, to do special exercises.If the kids quite small, instead of exercise, simply massage the tummy and go to a special gymnastics.

However, be aware that if constipation and not pass after three days, you should consult your pediatrician.Doctors in this case carried out the necessary research and find out the cause of the constipation.It can be assigned to lactulose, which helps regulate the physiological rhythm of the bowel and soften stool.It should also be remembered that laxatives are appointed only by a physician, as a result of the uncontrolled their reception of the body gets used and can be dehydrated.Only the correct implementation of the recommendations will help your child feel good and be healthy.It's no wonder they say: a healthy child is healthy in every way.

So, how to help your child with constipation, now you know.Let your baby grows you happy for the joy!
Author: Marianna for | Photo: © G. Baden / Corbis