1. First , parents should find out the cause of children's tantrums .Such requirements of the child, as the desire to get a toy as seen in the store, of course, are unreasonable whims.Here the most important thing is to be patient, the parents should not behave like small children.

2. Second , parents should try to switch child for something else exciting .Barker necessarily stop if mother divert his attention to something interesting.This could conspiracy mother's voice toy, father's cell, or a tempting offer: "Let's see, suddenly there hid behind the door Teletubbies!"

3. Third , in the most desperate cases, when it is well, nothing can stop the tantrum child, can just leave it alone .Try not to pay attention, because often avid screamer loves to attract the attention of others, but if no one sees immediately calms down.Calm, just calm, and the child soon realizes that his quirks are not perceived seriously by adults, and hysterical screams and rendered useless.Do not panic and do not yell at y
our kid, this is easier nobody will.Try to calmly tell your child that you can not indulge so, you have a good boy (or girl).

4. Fourth , once and for all select only the right tactics your behavior, and in any case, do not deviate from your chosen course.Correctly spoken by our parents, "the child must be educated from an early age, and not when he grows up."When he grows up, it may be too late.Start behave correctly, starting with the first whims of your toddler.The child begins to manipulate you simply, quickly having seen that with the vagaries, it turns out, you can achieve anything.From the very beginning you must be quiet, but solid reaction to his outburst of hysteria.Children understand everything and a way to solve problems, such as roll up hysterics eventually disappear by themselves.There is one more thing: to mother's or Dad's firm "no" does not become a grandmother "yes."Explain to your family that it would be much worse, try to be everything, as they say, on the same team.

5. Fifth, do not try to get nervous .Of course, you say, well, how hectic our lives are not nervous?But no, just think that your nervousness can quickly be transmitted to the child.And he, in contrast to adults, will not deter it, and splash out this negativity, make a scene.Remember, do you, that will do and your child: You looked at him sternly - he, too, may become aggressive, you began to raise it's voice - he, in turn, also will emit cries much steel scold him - everythinghe has become insane.Whatever may be difficult, try not to create such chain reactions.Parenting in a calm tone, or manifest silence can act on your child better.

Finally, when everything quieted down and fell into place just talk with your child gentle tone .Explain to him that it was not necessary so indulge and mom is very upset by his behavior.Tell him you love him and are confident that he will then necessarily behave.This conversation necessarily need a little man that he later felt guilty.You will see that you will succeed, and the most important award for us will be the love and trust of our favorite kids.
Author: Marianna for TutKnow.ru | Photo: © Drew Myers / Corbis