Sometimes many parents are unable to cope with their child, and overt acts of aggression of which remain unclear.Punishing and rebuking of children bring about a change in their behavior and fails.Is not it better to understand the situation before splashes out on their child's irritation?

parent wants to listen to them, and implicitly, on the first call, follow all instructions, behave "properly", were quiet and calm.This behavior toddler would, of course, very convenient for you.That's it for you!And whether it is good for the baby?After all, you do not want to own up heir lack of initiative, I do not have an opinion, obediently fulfilling the will of others, often contrary to his wishes.

Think, maybe, you become careless culprit that child fundamentally ignores your requirements and violates the established "rules of conduct"?

Every kid wants to feel needed and loved to play with him or talked.He does not like to listen to your talk about the dollar, new wardrobe girlfriend detail bargain at work o
r idle chatter on the phone.Often, adults put their own interests above the children, considering them more significant.How should the child to respond to such neglect communicating with them?And what would be your reaction in such a situation?

kids, to attract attention, make some action, sometimes not very good, probably knowing that they will be punished.They intuitively realize that only in this case, they see and hear.Draw conclusions, dear adults.

spilled water on the floor, litter or painted wallpaper on the walls - not a reason for abuse and battering.This is a reminder that the need to deal with the child, explaining to him how to act, distracting from committing bad tricks.Plucking endurance and patience, their enthusiasm and energy to be directed in the right direction by teaching, for example, feasible help around the house, presenting it in the form of some games.

vagaries child sometimes arise when parents disagreement in his upbringing: that permits one to exclude others.Toddler at a loss - today we can, and tomorrow you can not.Why is that?And if he age crisis began, the situation is even more aggravated.

without the services of a psychologist, you can manually resolve the situation.To do this, you just need to hear their children to respond appropriately to their pranks and spend more time with them, playing, and accustomed to independence.For more details read the article, you need to do to the child is not capricious.Become for his child's best friend and unquestioned authority - it's worth it.Remember that excessive love and care, as well as inattention, are unlikely to benefit your child.
Author: Editorial | Photo: © Richard Lewisohn / Image Source / Corbis