So your baby has long been fed another food, mother's milk but it is still very expensive.Most often, the children at the breast easier to fall asleep.It becomes a kind of soothing the baby feels much safer, because the mother's milk was his very first food.But what to do when weaning gets the whole problem?Perhaps my mother urgently needed to go to work and breastfeeding is an urgent need to stop?But the possibility of many mothers trying to feed the baby as long as possible: a year and a half, two, or even longer.However, with age rebёnochka increasingly difficult to wean from the breast, it starts to roll hysteria and the question arises: how to wean from the breast painless for the baby and for the mother?

Methods of weaning a child:

  1. Reduce daily feeding .Here we are talking about such feeding when the baby is awake.At a time when the mother is free, the child can take a moment and ask the chest.Try to be constantly busy with something, and if the baby becomes more insistent, then distract hi
    m a game or something fun, but do not succumb to the entreaties.

  2. not breast feed your baby after a nap. alternative here may be a mid-morning snack.

  3. child should go to sleep during the day without a breast. This will be probably the biggest challenge for moms.Of course, the first time may not succeed, but do not despair.Before putting the baby to sleep during the day, take a walk with him in the open air for at least forty minutes.And when lying mother should lie down beside him, stroking and sing a lullaby.Here the most important thing is to stay calm and be confident voice, but no doubt worth throwing feeding.Once decided, you need to stand my ground until the end, all the children quickly feel.But at the same time be very kind and gentle mother in the world for a child weaning and so is a kind of stress.

  4. Gradually reduces the duration of night feeding .At first, take your chest at the crumbs when it was full, I was fast asleep.Over time, night-feeding should be reduced to a few minutes, and then become symbolic.

  5. No way not worth throwing sharply breastfeeding .Stick to the tactic of "slowly but surely".Sudden weaning can be a psychological problem for the baby and for the mother's imminent mastitis.Only a gradual "tearing" of the breast will be the right decision.

So, All the above tips will help you in this difficult matter, but before you decide, you have to weigh the "pros" and "cons".But in any case need to be confident in their decision to separate the child from the breast.Read articles about proper nutrition and how to nursing mothers to breastfeed longer.
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