If you are planning to soon become a mother, and now you must do everything possible to fully prepare for the long-awaited meeting with the little man, your crumbs.Before you have a child, a woman must slightly change their lives for the better.

So, what should make the expectant mother, so as to better prepare for the birth of your baby?

  1. necessary to eat .If you've wanted to be closer to the standards of beauty and tried to imagine popular diets, but now you should forget about them.Eat right, well, let you popolneet, but enough of the kid will get vitamins and useful veschestva.Vy ask: what then is ?On your table should be as many dairy products, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts.The most important thing here - a balanced, three meals a day.Do not forget to drink a multivitamin that you prescribe a doctor, including folic acid.

  2. Pay attention to your weight .If you have a problem with obesity or, conversely, underweight, try to achieve an optimal weight.This applies to those who are not
    pregnant, but really wants to have a baby.Pregnant women go on a diet is not allowed, because the child may receive less nutrients, which further affect his health.

    However, for those who are just planning a pregnancy, overweight recommended reducing gradually, because of the excessively rapid weight loss in the body can deplete nutrients, which would be only a negative factor for your future pregnancies.Try to keep on your desk as little as possible of food with lots of fat and as much as possible with a high content of fiber.

    The best solution would be combination of a balanced diet and exercise .If you are at the same time to eat right and exercise, you can lose a week of about 450-900 grams.This level of weight loss is considered to be quite safe.

    But if you have, on the contrary, is another problem - underweight - you should not ignore it.According to statistics, the risk of miscarriage in women with low birth weight is significantly greater than that of women with optimal weight.

  3. Build your exercise program .With the right programming you will constantly:
    • hardy
    • strong
    • bending

    Our muscles need to train in advance to ensure that no problems make pregnancy give birth to the baby and to cope with everyday troubles for child care.If you can already be "in the form of" at least 3 months prior to pregnancy, during the first 9 months of the future, you can easily continue your active lifestyle. Take aerobics, jogging, walking, swimming and cycling .

  4. Avoid alcohol and smoking .After all, studies have proven that smoking and alcohol consumption of women cause irreparable harm to your child.Bad habits can be a threat of miscarriage, premature birth and the birth of a premature baby.Think of what the baby's health must now be in the first place.It is advisable to do at least 3 months prior to conception.

So, now you know the basic rules, which will adhere to and during pregnancy.And remember that from your actions will depend on not only your life but the lives of your unborn baby.

happy pregnancy!
Author: Marianna for TutKnow.ru | Photo: © Wavebreak Media Ltd. / Corbis