Read, if you do not know what a dysfunctional family.There are many ways to change the situation in the family.You will need to develop your strategy.But before you begin this, we advise you to adhere to the following tips to help your child feel right at home.

  1. Change your attitude towards children.Concentrate your attention on how you treat them, "hearts" and pay attention to the words that they hear from you throughout the day.

  2. Never insult children either in word or deed, even if you are in a difficult psychological condition.

  3. Show interest in the child's feelings.Do not forbid them to exercise their negative feelings, even if they are such as they are, themselves.

  4. in your family should have the freedom of speech.It is necessary to teach children how to approach the issue more constructively - not only to show their discontent and criticism, but also to learn with understanding take advice or offer their workarounds.

  5. Parents must themselves carry out what they say about what your childr
    en.Show them by example how to act in a given situation.

  6. Role function must be chosen and not imposed.Try to make the child happy doing his chores, helping you.Develop the "right" habits, which then will be followed automatically.For example, lunch, washed the dishes, to clean the house, and then only go for a walk.

  7. 's family to forgive mistakes, but not to remember at every opportunity.So what, all make mistakes.Do not reproach her husband with the children and do not bring him their past grievances.Remember that children exactly copy their parents and act as they were taught in the home.

  8. If it is a single-parent family, it is desirable that the child is still raised, and male sex, be it the grandfather or uncle.It is often possible to meet the family in which the stepfather replaces his own father.Everything will depend on what level of communication developed in the family and how to build relationships with each other.

  9. he Dedicate some time.Plan a joint family vacation with children.Remember that this holiday should bring joy to the whole family.Try to organize each evening reading interesting literature for children.

Make them to live in a happy family, where everyone is valued and respected, and his parents' home has indeed become in their lives reliable berth!
Author: Marianna for | Photo: © Serge Kozak / Corbis