Each hostess or host to the kitchen to be several types of knives, it all depends on what you are going to cut, carve or clean.

Types of kitchen knives

Knives for cutting bread Knives for cutting bread

knife for cutting bread long blade must be the same everywhere it wide.The end of the blade must be cut and sharp, and the handle should be large and comfortable for the hands.The blade of knives usually wavy shape.This type of knife is also suitable for the cutting of the cake, pie or cake.

How to choose a kitchen knife?

In addition to this daily pastry cutter to be more set consisting of three pieces .They should all have large and long blade.The biggest - 20-30 cm, an average of 16-20 cm and 12-16 cm shorter. They are necessary for cutting food with a dense structure.Blade they should be sharp and lead to the tip of the knife, which in turn is also pointed.

Knives for fruit and vegetables knives for vegetables and fruits

There is more knife for vegetables and fruits , it is very convenient to clean them and cut.It has a short (7.5-9 cm) and a straight blade with
a sharp end and a handle - a small and convenient.

A knife for cutting meat with bones knife for cutting meat with bones

Still there knife , which aims meat cutting , thanks to it very easy and convenient to cut the meat from the bones and cut and to cut the chicken.It shortish length, and the blade and bent to a narrow end.The cutting surface may be smooth or may have teeth that quite effectively operate at cutting meat.

How to choose a kitchen knife?

  1. There are more dining knife with a rounded tip and not sharp blade - it spreads for bread butter or paste.
  2. There is a dining knife-blade fish .He is blunt, and the blade bit short, which resembles a blade.
  3. If you love cheese, then cut it to fine you need a special cheese knife .Its blade is of medium length with notches in it.Thanks to these recesses in the blade when cutting comes less friction with cheese thus obtained thin slices (of the plate).The cutting surface may be smooth or toothed, the second embodiment is more common.

course be in the house all kinds of knives is not necessary.Typically, many species use only in restaurants and other culinary schools, and most of the housewives are limited to a set consisting of 3-4 pieces and that's enough.

How to choose a kitchen knife?

most important thing - it's not to save money on the purchase of the knife.Naturally it is not necessary to buy the most expensive, they, too, may not be the best quality.But the savings in the purchase of "cutting" can turn into anguish and inconvenience in the kitchen: very frequent sharpening, poor cutting blade, the handle uncomfortable and very heavy.With such knives to cook and not very pleased.

composition of the blade - the quality

How to choose a kitchen knife - blade structure, its quality

The most important thing you should look for when choosing and buying the knife - is the quality of the blade.From this component will depend on the cutting performance and service life of the blade.Home - Steel, its brand from which the blade is made.Most quality knives made of stainless steel with the addition of chromium .Because of chromium steel it is harder and more beautiful (although beauty unimportant).Another option is a high-quality chrome doped vanadium and molybdenum , this alloy is as hard and less brittle.

There is a very strong, with high wear resistance The material used to make knives - white and black ceramic , the second option better than the first.This completely new technology, which sharpened the knife of black pottery can be 1-2 times a year.They are made of zirconium oxide, which is baked in large ovens for several hours (the longer the better - stronger material) at 1600 ° C.In addition, this material strength cancellation metal is not oxidized, it does not react with acids and alkalis.No risk of corrosion when cutting different foods: fruits and vegetables, they also do not involve an unpleasant metallic aftertaste.Better to buy the brand SAMURA.

But have ceramic knives has its drawbacks , with a strong fall may break and do not recommend cut in the glass-cutting board, better - bamboo.When cutting meat with bones must be carefully, you may damage the blade.Yes, this one knife should be given to approximately 2500-3000 rubles.It is worth it or not for you to decide, but I think there are other options, as described above - the metal that is not worse and cheaper.

It is very important that the alloy from which the knife was made uniform.You can notice this on the cheap knife, the blade can be seen looking at a strange spot marks on metal and other defects.This cutting tool for a long time and efficiently serve not only a waste of money, time and nerves.

cutting surface knife

How to choose a kitchen knife - cutting surface

next important parameter - a cutting surface of the knife (working sheet).It suffices to take a knife and look at it from the side, if the cutting surface has a small expansion wave, or other irregularities, it is better to postpone this tool and do not buy.Incidentally, high dvubokuyu knives have a cutting surface (sharpening blades on both sides, not just audio).
to clean fruits and vegetables is better to buy a knife with a narrow blade, and for general cutting costs to stay on the cutting edge of medium size.

In the store you can offer to buy a knife, whose blade sharpened laser .Typically, the laser does not sharpen the blade, and then quenching it to be stronger and longer grind.These knives also called « Self », but this is nonsense, this is not and never will.Learn hardened knife or laser can glance at the blade if it can be seen in the mat horizontal dashes, then he tochilsya on this system.These knives are a little more expensive than the price that justifies itself.

pen knife

knife blade should be included and fully occupy the space in the handle of the knife.If the blade is only partially included in the pen, then surely it is cranky and will come out soon.

How to choose a kitchen knife - the handle How to choose a kitchen knife - the handle

  1. Knives with wooden handle. They sit very comfortable in the hand, not to slip and look beautiful.But minus that with time the tree dries out, cracks, scratches, breaks down under the water, absorbs fat and high acid with alkali (spots appear and Ports).Depending on the type of wood, such handles can be tyazhelimy.Usually seen only expensive options, from a good tree, then it will last a long time, and there will be no problems with the weight of the knife, or the rapid appearance of defects.

  2. knives with plastic handle. It is quite durable and quality material, which is trust.Very long service life and easy maintenance.If he will lie down for several days in the sink with oily water, nothing terrible will happen.The tree will not tolerate this.

  3. knives with metal handle. This is probably one of the best options, but there are also small disadvantages, someone uncomfortable in my hand and glide.Despite the fact that they are made of metal, they are lightweight, do not deteriorate and are not afraid of the different effects of temperature, moisture, salts and acids, do not break, do not become loose and do not crack.Consider the more expensive options with the metal handle as cheap can be severe.

Everything is now all you have to walk around the store and see the different options in the types of knives in hands, to know how the knife is easier and more comfortable sitting in your hand.Rate the parameters that I have described above, and to consult again with a specialist at the store (if there is such).And then only necessary to make the purchase.It must be remembered that the knife you buy for a long time, and it should please you and to justify their cost.

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