Once expectant mother appears tummy, she starts to think about how it changed his old wardrobe.Okay, now for sale a sufficient number of maternity clothing to suit every taste and color.However, pregnant women should take care of their shoes: because the feet begin to swell, it is necessary to choose the shoes in which the woman would feel comfortable.

Why can not wear shoes with high heels?

begin with, you will not have to wear a pair of high heels or unstable.From the time you became pregnant, your body began to actively produced hormone progesterone, which control the softening and improving the elasticity of the connective tissue as one of the stages when the woman's body prepares for childbirth.If a woman wears high-heeled shoes, her foot is beginning to take physiologically wrong position, which may be the result of resistant strains of the joints of the foot.

When wearing heels pregnant woman changes the curvature of the spine and pelvis starts to lean forward like.The child may move to the a
nterior abdominal wall, because of the excessive pressure which may appear stretching the rectus muscles.In the future, women will be difficult to return to its former shape, and stretch marks will become more noticeable.

should know that as the child of a pregnant shifting the center of gravity, and it can feel incoordination.Naturally, the stiletto heels will only become a hindrance in maintaining balance.A drop in such cases generally are not allowed.

If no heels at work you can not be, then try at every opportunity to give them a rest.Shoes looser footwear, and if possible, go barefoot at home - will benefit from this much more.

absolutely flat sole for pregnant women is not quite acceptable.Wearing ballet shoes, running shoes are not very desirable for those with flat feet or legs are often swollen.

What kind of shoes to wear while pregnant?

best option for pregnant women will be wearing shoes on a wide steady heel, length of 3-4 cm. The sole of this shoe have to be grooved.In addition, preference is given to footwear made of natural materials, while the heel is to be closed, not desirable to have fastened belts and shoelaces.Try to choose a shoe that it was easy to put on and take off, it does not tilt.

When footwear is made of a non-natural material, feet will perspire and slide, which can cause calluses and corns.And this is one more unnecessary problems for women.Try also buy shoes with a closed heel, once again it will help prevent slipping and falling.

When you try on shoes, then it is advisable to do it with the toe - so you can be sure that even when the swelling in your legs will feel comfortable.

exercises for the legs pregnant

not forget to do special exercises for the legs to improve circulation.Rotate feet inwardly and outwardly - such simple motion must be performed twenty times in each direction.

Take care of the condition of their feet, make the evening warm bath with sea salt.This procedure does not take much time.And then ask her husband to make you a foot massage, using lavender and menthol oil.Take care of yourself and your health, thereby making only the best for your child!

video about individual insoles for pregnant women:

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