Every woman should take care of that in her purse were the best of everything - the shadow, pencil, ink and, of course, lipstick.Where do without her?Lipstick will help underline the beauty of our lips, using her the woman will feel more mysterious and sexy.But often, flipping through the catalogs of well-known companies of cosmetics, we are downright lost in a large assortment of lip gloss or lipstick.What color to choose, to lipstick suits you?Keep in mind: Your facial skin color and should be considered when choosing the right shade of lipstick.

If you white-faced blonde:

You can select all shades of pink, but they should not look too bright.For completeness your daytime makeup lipstick colors will peach and pink colors, and for the evening - plum and coral.Their colors should not be too intense.

Blondes with fair skin should remember that too bright lipstick can make their face too pale.

Avoid: lipstick bright pink, bright red and orange tones.These colors will oppress pale white skin, but t
heir greatest effect will be evident on the "highlights" blondes.

If you red-haired girl with pale skin with freckles and mischievous:

excellent solution for you would be the lipstick colors: brown, brown, peach, coral, dark pink and plum.For natural redheads beauties are perfect for hot and warm shades of terracotta and red colors.For evening make-up preference for different shades of burgundy.

Avoid: bright pink, fiery red and orange.

If you are fair-faced brunette:

you to fit almost all lipsticks different colors, especially bright red, pink and plum color.An excellent effect can be achieved if applied in the evening makeup lipstick ruby ​​hue.

Avoid: bright orange, coral colors and with dark shades of lipsticks - they can not provide a good enough contrast with your skin color.

haired with white and pink skin:

best color lipstick you to become light brown, light red, pink, dark pink and plum.For evening make-up and purple lipstick using extravagant purple flowers.

Avoid: bright lipsticks with orange and yellow and red hues.

If you are the owner of swarthy black hair:

perfectly suited for you live deep shades of red and pink flowers.Special effect can be achieved by using a saturated plum lipstick and dark pink flowers.

Avoid: coral and brown shades that will give your skin too ashy hue.

If you have light skin and gray hair:

your best colors - shades of pink and brown and red colors, but without the pearl.They will look at your lips a warm and look good with hair.

Avoid: pale brown - lips will seem poorly outlined, pink and bright red - they will emphasize wrinkles and soft pink - lips will look paler.

We recommend that every woman should definitely go pink, plum and cherry shades, which in any case will be combined with the color of skin and hair.

While buying lipstick, apply it a bit on the tip of your finger - so you can see how it will look lipstick on your lips.

And finally I would like to say about such a wonderful tool for the application of lipstick is a special lip brush.With it, the tone of lipstick will be distributed evenly and firmly.Well, if you can not choose the color of lipstick, mix different colors with a brush, thereby can be achieved tremendous effect of shade.
Author: Marianna for TutKnow.ru | Photo: © Adrianna Williams / Corbis