Banja has long been considered a means of getting rid of many ailments, cleansing the body, restoring forces.After a hike in the bath we are filled with strength, thoughts become clearer, and life is good!So, first let's answer the question why the room is so valuable and good for our health?


baths with hot steam bath can cleanse the skin of old cells, stimulate the secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands.Since then out toxins and wastes, excess lactic acid.

intensity of heat exposure in the bath and exposed to the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Invaluable bath brings the cardiovascular system of man: blood moves easily through the veins and arteries, it helps to improve the metabolic processes in cells, greater tissue oxygen uptake and elimination of stagnant processes.

With bath treatment reduces the acidity of gastric juices and improves digestion.A massage, contrast baths and use a broom perfectly relieve stress.So after an intense week of work go into the steam bath!

bath is particularly useful for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.After a bath in the blood increases the number of white blood cells that are actively involved in the body's immune defense.

bath will also help to improve the psychological state of a person.With the heat bath relaxes muscles, relieves fatigue, restores vital activity.

If you have a cold, and that is still accompanied by a cough and runny nose, the steam will be the salvation for you - there you can get on the road to recovery.After several sessions carried out in the steam room you can easily restore and recover even from long holidays.Stay in the bath helps dilate blood vessels, and the pale face will acquire a light blush.

Want to lose weight?Go to the bath!In the steam room you can lose the body to a half liters of fluid and get rid of excess body fat.But do not overdo it in this case to prevent fatigue, exhaustion and dehydration.

How to attend a bath?

Remember: not visit sauna on a full or empty stomach and after drinking.Remove the ornaments, as due to the hot air heat up and they can burn the skin.

Bring along: loofah, a broom, a large towel, scented toilet soap, shampoo.Bast must be tough and so that it was convenient to lather.Perfectly suited sponges from natural materials: loofah fruit, lime bark, cloth or sponge.

can also take the drug and who will be able to flavor the air bath and to be beneficial to health.It can be infusion or decoction of thyme, linden flowers, peppermint, oregano, chamomile, St. John's wort, and kvass - to pour on hot stones.By the way, in between after the steam can cool drink kvass, tea or mineral water.

How soared in the bath?

How steamed bath

bannomu It is necessary to get used to the heat gradually.And before you visit the steam room, it is recommended lightly rinse with warm water without soaking the head.

Once you obolёtes water and enter into the steam room, dry wipe with a towel, because moisture will only delay the perspiration.In order not to cause overheating of the head, put a special woolen cap for a bath.

How to start sweating in the steam room, it would be better to lie on the shelf, so that the body could receive heat evenly, and, if you are not prepared for extreme heat, getting used to the lower shelves.Do not set records, the most important thing at the same time feel good.

After your body is warmed up and you're good propoteete for 8-10 minutes, get out of the sauna, rinse with water and rest 5-7 minutes.

Then you can bathe, succumbed to heat water on the stones and disperse steam across the wet steam with a broom.After that, merely by moving the broom body pat on the one hand, then the other.By the way, how to choose a broom for a bath and how to properly use it, too, is an important issue and approach it is necessary to thoroughly.

Repeat as long as the steam room can be.Then go out and cool the body in the cool of the pool, if any, in the shower or you can wipe the snow.But do not bring themselves to a state of chill.

procedure is repeated three times with a broom, is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol at the same time.After all, the heart and blood vessels, and so loaded with alcohol and it would be inappropriate here.Try to make your stay a pleasant bath and to the maximum useful to bath make your health stronger and could not harm.

Contraindications baths and harm

Contraindications baths and harm

Despite the fact that the bath has a beneficial effect on the human body, it also has contraindications - harm to the body.It may harm those with a variety of tumors, cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke or heart attack ported, with ulcers, inflammation of the skin, vascular sclerosis, acute diseases of the ears and eyes, epilepsy, tuberculosis.Even if there is the slightest suspicion of the disease, do not take risks and go to the steam room.You can just bask in it the next day as bath drowned.

Do not go to the bath after a heavy meal, the meal is better to postpone until later.Since the load on the heart may be excessive.But the hungry to go there, too, not worth it.Podkrepa shortly before going to the sauna fruits or vegetables.

As for pregnant women , they should generally avoid any type of overheating such as a sauna, hot tub, steam room or stay outside in hot weather.Why is that?Because the mother's body temperature rises, and accordingly, the temperature of the body of the fetus, which can lead to metabolic disturbances and its influence on the central nervous system.

And finally: visit the sauna on a certain day of the week and do not forget to keep yourself in shape to stay in the bath itself brings only pleasure and benefit!
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