Fruits and vegetables


summer you will be able to enjoy the abundance of fruits and berries, which undoubtedly will be useful not only for you but also for the future of the child.Give your preference for different fruit drinks and freshly prepared juices, fresh fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, which will prevent constipation, which are characteristic for pregnant women.

Pregnancy summer: fruit


to eliminate the occurrence of edema in the summer heat, drink no more than one and a half liters of liquid (juice, fruit drinks, etc.).Also, be aware: prune juice weaker grapes ferment in the stomach.


Pregnancy in the summer sun, beach


sun stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D, which is especially important for pregnant women, while in winter it is not enough.And if you want to spend a few quiet hours in the afternoon sun by the sea, just make sure that you will be comfortable and not too hot.


It is reasonable to use the sunlight and prevent the occurrence of sunburn.Start with 15 minutes of the morning su
n exposure and gradually increase the time.The ideal time for the beach will be the time until half past ten in the morning and after four-thirty in the evening.Particular caution should be applied when sunscreen.The main principle when choosing - and well-known manufacturers supplied instructions, which should be no warning signs that it is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women.

To prevent overheating of the body, do not wear tight-fitting items.Wear loose and light colored clothing made of natural fabrics.Wear when entering the street wide-brimmed hats to the face did not appear typical of pregnancy pigment spots.

is not recommended to use lotions and creams for tanning, because their components can get through the skin into the bloodstream and cause harm to the future child.


Pregnancy summer: water, swimming


Swimming well relaxes and relieves the load from the spine and tired muscles.There is even a set of exercises that prepare the body for childbirth, improve circulation, result in muscle tone, reduce fluid retention, which prevents edema.


Please be aware that swimming in the river and the sea - are two different things.Open fresh waters is prohibited for pregnant women, because there with melted snow and rain water may enter pathogens.The sea is disinfected naturally due to the high salt concentration.Salt water has a beneficial effect on the body, but here, too, need to be careful:
  • not recommended to dive into the water temperature below 21 degrees.
  • selected beach must be equipped with sunshades, changing rooms, drinking water, emergency treatment clause and toilet.
  • should swim calmly, without the appearance of tremors and chills to 15 minutes, as bathing may have leg cramps.Seizures occur in connection with the reorganization of mineral metabolism in pregnant and they may even be warm.Therefore, the tendency to seizures is better not to swim far from shore.
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