Very often mothers think about the appearance in the family of the second child.But when planning a child must take into account the natural rhythm of procreation, which is ordained for the human nature and the needs of the first child, and the possibility of a family in the material sense, as well as living conditions.

What should be the age difference to every child born, was most welcome, loved and desired, and seniors are not deprived of the appearance sister or brother of proper parental attention?

If children between age difference is quite small

This is an option when the older child is not yet three years old.

  • most effective use of maternity leave, as long you do not want to break away from the development of their professional careers.

  • Creating a "company" for the older child to the same age to play together and grow.

  • When Mom is in adulthood: that it is not worried that will not have time to give birth to another child.

  • desire to "better do everything at once": thus i
    t will be easier to organize the general regime of Children's Day, plan a vacation, to read the same book aloud, and take into account all the nuances related to schooling and visit additional classes.

  • Perhaps the downside here is attributed insufficient rest the mother's body after birth and breast-feeding a baby first, and then another, and sometimes even a third child soon.At a minimum, the difference between the children must be 2 years to the mother's body was able to fully recover their strength.

  • addition to the disadvantages otnesёm physical fatigue of parents who care for children.Children with little difference require greater attention, patience, strength and physical health, to ensure safety, the correct mode of the day, diet and common recreation.In addition, parents should be sure their material well-being, to provide children with everything necessary.Well, when there is help parents husband or wife, or the help of other relatives, who will look after the children.

If children between the big age difference

These are cases where the age of the older child has already reached five years.

  • Each child receives proper parental attention at a younger age.

  • the mother's body can have a rest after pregnancy and breastfeeding the older baby.

  • Physical activity will be much less than with children the same age.

  • eldest child is a good helper at home and care for the little brother or little sister.

  • kids actually can not compete, and conflict of interest on the game, and will be responsible for the senior Bush.

  • older child may be jealous of the youngest - to avoid this, it is necessary for him to spend a good preparation for the birth of the second child, explaining to him that soon will be your brother, and you'll protect him.He will have to learn the necessary restrictions that will appear in the family (adherence of the day, the maintenance of peace, mutual aid).

  • Junior could turn into a universal spoiled child of the family, it all depends on how the home will treat him

best option conceiving a second child , it will be a time when the life of the older child will enter a stable direction: he willpotty, begin to walk in the garden, will pick a good babysitter.And parents will resolve all domestic issues: acquire apartment, complete construction of the house, make repairs, prepare a place in the apartment for the unborn child.Each family will have everything well thought out and take into account their capacity to decide on the appearance of their home a new man.
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