cat that lives in almost every house, refers to a mammal type and feline family.The existing types, and which became extinct a long time, include all thirty-seven species of cats.

Scientists - zoologists to the very first ancestor of all known world of cats, include a cat or Libya as it is called the Nubian wild cat.This kitty survived to our time.She lives mainly in Africa and the territory from China to the Mediterranean.Settles Libyan wildcat in the mountains, near the reservoirs in the foothills and can sometimes live close to populated areas where people live.It feeds mainly rodents and birds.If you meet a cat, you would think that it is a domestic cat, but very thin.Libyan wildcat even in adulthood easy to tame.

According to ancient sources, we can see that the cat domesticated much later than the dog.But until now, the cause remains a mystery cat domestication by ancient man, as the ancient people of the domesticated animals that could consume food or those who helped them to capture other anima

If we turn to the very first official source, the first time the cat was domesticated in ancient Egypt, about 5000 years ago.Such data provides us with Herodotus.There is a theory that in ancient Egypt, cats were used as excellent hunters on various rodents.And in those days, Egypt was famous for its grain reserves, respectively, and there were plenty of rodents.There are also other data that cat in ancient Egypt taught to hunt birds.This is evidenced by the images found in one ancient tombs, where clearly visible hunter and a cat that jumps on a bird.

after ancient Egypt, already domesticated cat has spread to other countries.In the manuscripts of Plutarch, the first evidence of the appearance of cats in Europe, belong to the first century AD.Around the same time, the cat appeared on the territory of ancient Russia.It was only in the seventh century, the cat took the place of honor the keepers of the hearth.Archaeological evidence suggests that the cat came to us, in addition to Europe from the south.

With the advent of the 20th century, scientists - zoologists began to breed varieties of cats.Now all over the world there are four different breeds and colors of cats.Each year, the different breeds evolved.

Scientists - zoologists, French university located in Lyon, counted all over the world live four million cats.The largest number of cats living in the United States.On the Australian continent nine cats account for ten people.In Indonesia, home to more than thirty million cats and live in France, eight million cats.These animals are known throughout the world, but the cat is considered unusual beast in Gabon and Peru, where it is almost impossible to meet.

In the Indian Ocean there is a small island called Fradzhos live on this island only cats.At the end of the 19th century (1890) off the coast of this island wrecked ship, some of the sailors to reach the shore, hoping for salvation that never came, but the cats, all survived and multiplied.Thus, the island live 1000 cats.

Modern cats are not much different from their ancestors, they also have a proud, independent character, the same habits and instincts just one distinguishes them, they have adapted to the home comfort.Cats themselves chistyuli large, so it is very important that the cat toilet was always clean and fresh.If your Purring, making their case in the wrong place, pay attention to her toilet, so it makes you realize that your unhappy attitude.I wash the cat, not only because he likes to be clean, and yet, because her hair is a certain vitamin B, which serves as an excellent antidepressant for cats.

cats do not have the ability to be vegetarians.A lot of cats around distinguish smells even better than dogs.In the British Army during the First World War it was organized by the cat's special detachment to recognize toxic gases.

Before eating, cats have a long habit of sniffing gave her a snack, this is done in order to determine the temperature of the food.

cats sleep for eighteen hours per day is necessary.They are easy to learn, but only if she fully believes the person who works with it (for more details read the article - "Training cats").If the animal is feeling stress, it may not respond to the submitted her team.It responds perfectly to the intonation and sounds.

psychology and behavior of cats: what each habit

Psychology and behavior of cats: what each habit

The cat has the ability to learn and remember about fifty human words and accurately respond to these words.Furry animals do not have the ability to talk, but their behavior they express their feelings.If a cat's ears are right, it means that the kitty than - the interest, if the lugs slightly bent backward, which means that pussycat warns that it is not annoying.If the ears are pressed to the head, then kitty is ready to fight.Enlarged pupils can talk about your favorite then - is afraid.When your kitty to iron your foot, it means that she is very attached to you, if the claws skrebёt means that require your attention.Ready to attack and stay in great anger, shows arched back.If the cat's tail twitches, it shows anger when a dropped tail - fatigue, and if left to the very bottom - disgust or disappointment.If the cat is very angry, she begins to howl and hiss.If kitty purrs, then it is in full satisfaction and tranquility, but the rumbling says the opposite state.When the cat meows, it is either greet or something asks.This method of communication cats peculiar only to man.Cats love clean fresh air and do not like closed doors.

If your home is such a sensitive and beautiful animal, like a cat, give him most of the attention, and in return you get a sincere, dedicated and very clean cat love and respect.
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