Novice aquarists in most cases, make a lot of mistakes.The main of them - an irresistible urge to buy for themselves almost every favorite fish.The result is not very comforting: there is overpopulation aquarium, and most of its inhabitants by its very nature can not live peacefully with each other, always fighting, strong eat weaker.In addition, different kinds of aquarium fish need in a content which can be radically different.If such fish placed in a single environment, many of them may get sick and die.Therefore, before you buy fish need to learn some general basic rules.

Selection Rules aquarium fish:

1. If a lot of time to care for the aquarium you do not need to choose only unpretentious kinds of aquarium fish.One of the most hardy and undemanding to content considered to be a goldfish.They thrive in water without heating, it is enough average room temperature.There were cases when the goldfish lived even in frozen outdoor swimming pools and an excellent feel for the coming of spring.Hardness
, pH of water, types of feed are practically unimportant.The only necessary condition - provide its spacious aquarium goldfish (preferably at least - 20 liters per individual) and about once a week, substitute 1/4 of the volume of water in it.

2. By the fishes are undemanding and viviparus.They are usually small in size and with a sufficiently bright color.This group includes many species of fish, from small colorful guppies to important majestic Sword, reaching lengths of more than 10 cm. Viviparous fish feel most comfortable when the temperature of the aquarium water is in the range of 20 to 28 degrees Celsius.They without difficulty get along with other fish in the aquarium, multiply rapidly.But there are also a minus.They are without any remorse eat like other people, and their fry.But if the tank is densely planted with vegetation, is part of the fingerlings required to survive, thanks to her, because the algae are an excellent shelter from the hungry mouths.Of course, the ideal option would be to transplant born fry to a separate aquarium until they reach a certain size, in which their own parents can not they dine.

The fish - catfish aquarium fish - catfish aquarium

3. Obtain possible a few catfish.These aquarium "sanitation" are to pick up the remains of uneaten feed after the other fish.Bright colored catfish can not boast, they are almost invisible in the aquarium, especially against the bottom.But among them there are representatives of a very peculiar form of the original body.Pay your attention, such as catfish tarakatuma.It is characterized by high flexibility and long antennae body.Soma - remora "feature" suckers, often allowing them to hang motionless, glued to the wall of the aquarium.There are more species, feeding on microscopic algae, and thus cleaning the walls, stones and decorative elements of the aquarium from the harmful plaque and ugly brown-green color.

4. If you plan to install a large tank (50 liters), it is possible to have bigger fish: cichlids botsiya chess, gourami, angelfish, goldfish same.In principle, fish should be chosen, always taking into account the volume of your aquarium, because the big fish will feel very bad in close surroundings.Watch also for their pets when they freely and deliberately "float" in the expanse of water, with plenty of room for it gives a true aesthetic pleasure.

Fish - a piranha aquarium Fish - Piranha aquarium

5. You can stop the choice and unusually aggressive exotic fish.One of the brightest representatives of this group is the piranha.You can always surprise your guests this colorful miracle fish.But, be prepared to put up with some inconveniences that arise when caring for her.When pruning plants or cleaning the aquarium calm and the type of fish can not hesitate to grab lightning in his hand.In addition, other types of aquarium fish plant will no longer be, as piranhas kill on the way, and even more so in their environment, all living things.They even eat their smaller cousins ​​or weakened.

6. Having defined the choice of a particular type of fish, look closely to each individual vending.Her body should not be damaged, decay, excessive amounts of mucus, and so on.Fish should behave typical for the species.If it makes a nonsense sharp movements, scratched on the ground, leans to one side, a fish is better not to buy.

Take fish better in specialized points of sale, such as pet shops or licensed permanent tents on the market.Note conditions therein.If they are poor, go past.Be sure to find out from the seller all the strange moments of the content purchased fish.If possible, take a contact number in case of further questions.And do not forget to buy a book on the aquarium, it is useful to you exactly.
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