Choice poultry with the ability to say - it is quite a complicated process.The most capable of pronunciation of words considered parrots.But not every parrot can quickly learn to talk, clearly pronouncing the sounds, words and phrases.It appears, too, it has the makings of a parrot.Some parrots are more inclined to learn speech, others - not so talented and pliable.What pets "born for conversation" and what is not, can be determined by the behavior of birds.It is, in fact, help to make the right choice when buying a parrot.

Selection Criteria parrot able to say:

Indian ozherelovy parrot Indian ozherelovy parrot

1. The first thing to do - to choose the right breed.Reputation as a good "speakers" are Indian ozherelovye parrots .This breed is characterized by an exceptional ability to correctly and accurately pronounce the set of phrases.Also known varieties of "talkers" are the African gray parrots, Amazons, macaws, parrots, and Quakers.

2. It should look bird grown at the nursery or at home, but not taken from the wi
ld.This is due to the fact that the wild parrots are extremely difficult to adapt homes, and even more so, learn to speak.Hand parrots contrary prone to rapid development of speech.

3. Spend a pet shop for a while, watching the parrots.Loving as often as possible to make sounds bird will likely tend to imitate human speech.Particular attention should be paid to the most vociferous birds.To determine if you need to watch the feathered long enough.Naturally, a few hours sitting in a pet shop and watch them do not, but should be given 10-15 minutes, even through the 5 minutes it will be possible to determine the most "talkative" parrot.

4. Stop attention to the bird that exhibits the greatest curiosity and interest in the world around them (shakes his head, leans forward, considering passers).Hand parrots interested in the events taking place around the most susceptible to learning.

5. If pre-selection has already been made, try to talk with the pleasant little parrot.Look at the conversation to his eyes: if the pupils constrict when you refer to it, then the parrot hears it with interest.

6. You can also view and birds, which have already been trained and are able to talk quite well.Today, in some pet stores, you can find birds that are kept in good conditions and have learned to reproduce human speech (talk).You can buy a pet there.But first listen, legible whether the parrot utters a word.

A good solution would be to buy a special book about caring for parrots.It will allow the owner to get to know your pet and create it comfortable conditions.And this, in turn, affect the quality and speed of learning.Good luck to you and your pet!
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