cute and adorable guinea pigs are one of the favorite animals of the world many people, especially children.

Guinea pigs are rodent species of the family and genus Caviidae Cavia.Contrary to its name, they have nothing to do with pigs.These small, furry rodents are very delicious.

Proper nutrition can be classified as the most important aspect of care.Only the correct diet can ensure the health of your pet.To have a happy guinea pig, it is important to give fruits and vegetables fresh that the animal likes to eat.Their natural diet consists of grass, hay and dry food.The beads can be found in almost all pet stores.But it is advisable to purchase high-quality dry food, because this will depend on the health of your pet.

Dry food

In general, alfalfa pellets and Timothy are considered the best for your baby guinea pig.In addition to the granules, you can feed your guinea pig fresh hay "Timothy."Many people prefer to feed their guinea pigs alfalfa hay.However, as was noted in the alfalfa hay contains
a lot of calcium, which leads to the appearance of kidney stones.Besides the use of many alfalfa can cause obesity.Therefore, it is better to maintain a balance between Timothy and alfalfa hay.Along with this, your small pets will enjoy the grass and dandelions.

Fruits and Vegetables

What to eat guinea pigs - Fruits and Vegetables

They adore leafy vegetables.However, excessive consumption of causes of diarrhea.So it gave them only in moderation.These rodents like to eat parsley, beets, carrots, broccoli, celery, spinach, sweet peppers, red lettuce.In addition, fruits are another component of a balanced and healthy diet of your guinea pig.They love to eat apples (no seeds), grapes, orange slices, bananas, strawberries and cucumbers.Like vegetables, moderation should be maintained during feeding these fruits.

Foods that should be avoided

Do not feed the guinea pigs such plants like lily of the valley, wormwood, fern, mayweed, privet, ragwort, rhubarb, hellebore, wild celery, onion, belladonna, foxglove, iceberg lettuce and plantsthat grow from bulbs, as they are toxic to guinea pigs.In addition, you should avoid feeding beans, popcorn, ice cream, sugary foods, chips, potatoes, meat, fish and cheese.Do not let too many dairy products and caffeine, including chocolate, a lot of bread or biscuits.

This animal can not synthesize vitamin C, so it must be obtained from your diet.As a rule, most dry foods are rich in vitamin C. In addition, you can provide them with broccoli, apples, celery, spinach and orange fruits and vegetables that are rich in this vitamin.Another important thing it should be noted, guinea pigs react painfully to any sudden change in their diet.Therefore, it is better to introduce a new food into the diet slowly and gradually.You can also talk with a veterinarian and follow his advice.Finally, along with nutritious foods every day poite their fresh water.

Keep cells neat and clean, regularly replace the contaminated supplies, and guinea pigs groomed and healthy.
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