Hosts beginners often ask, what ducks cultivation is more profitable?The unequivocal answer is no.It all depends on what plan to get.We have many common bird species.

Species ducks

White Peking duck

fairly well-known representatives of the mentioned areas - white Peking duck.They are derived in China more than 300 years ago.This early maturing individuals with white plumage is yellowish-cream color.Have strong wings and long elevated body, wide and deep chest.These birds differ significantly underweight.With proper care of 60-70 days young weighs 2-2.5 kg, which is sufficient for slaughter.More females are also good rush.During the season, you get 100-120 eggs (80-90 g each).

result of interbreeding "pekinok" with khaki Campbell ducks derived Moscow White breed, which is characterized by high productivity.Kids grow rapidly, reaching a 50-55-day-old 2-2.4 kg.The average weight of an adult of about 3-3.4 kg, Drake - 4 kg.Carcasses different white skin and delicate bone structure.Each year will have 115-130 eggs (9
0 g).

Ducks come in different colors (for example, sulfur, clay).But as the dark plumage deteriorates the quality of the meat, often bred white population.

drakes Weight - 3.5 kg, females - 2.5-3 kg.This specimen with well-developed torso, broad convex breast.They are unpretentious, perfectly gratuitous use of feed reservoirs.

wet behind the ears are developing rapidly - at two months of age weigh more than 2 kg.
Black white-breasted duck are slightly raised body, deep chest.This precocious bird is well-suited for fattening.Weight drake - 3.5-4 kg, females - 3-3.5 kg.Carcasses with white skin and delicious meat.Breed enough egg laying (110-140 units per year).

Musk duck musk duck

-quality lean meat will give musk ducks.Their homeland - South America.It got its name because of the peculiar smell of leather and feathers.These massive birds are white, black or blue color.The front part of the head is covered with red skin and at the base of the beak notice pink growths (like turkey).Meat is more profitable to keep the drakes, live weight is 6 kg, while females - only 3 kg.By the way, said exotics do not need a pond.It is enough trough or other container filled with water.

lack of "Hispanics" in that they grow more slowly (egg-laying begins at 8-9-th month of life).Therefore, musk drakes appropriate crossed with purebred ducks.The resulting offspring combines good quality meat (paternal) and precocity (maternal).

Types of ducks

Myasoyaichnye duck.Bright representative species - Khaki-Campbell, launched by the British.The bird has a brown-green plumage, a long trunk, broad chest, short tail.It is mobile, perfectly forages on pastures and ponds.

Weight drakes - 2.5-3 kg, females - 2-2.5 kg.Meat Khaki Campbell softer than other birds.Moreover, in the course of the year will 150-200 eggs (60-100 grams each).Ducks mirror breed strong body, large head, a short narrow tail.The color white, but on the wings there are dark feathers, forming a so-called mirror.The average weight of males 3-3.5 kg, females - 2.8-3 kg.Egg production -115-130 units a year.

Indian runners Indian runners

egg breed.The most productive breed - Indian runners who for the season will give more than 200 eggs weighing '75 Bird noted the unusual shape: a vertical body with a long slender neck and high legs.The name has received for the extraordinary mobility.
Individuals of this type is much lighter than its cousins ​​(1.7-1.8 kg).However, they quickly grow.Sexual maturity occurs in the 5 months of age.
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