If you got a dog and immediately faced with the first difficulties, remember - you are not alone.Without it does not do any process of education and the rapprochement with the souped household.

perform a number of simple rules, you can not only save valuable furniture, but also their own nerves.

First, a little puppy should not be left alone.Someone is sure to be nearby.Baby will not allow your child to make a nasty nasty to you.

But to ensure a permanent presence difficult.There are times when none of the family members can not postpone their business and stay at home.Then come to the aid of toys.

Choosing the right toy will help your puppy to cope with the first moments of loneliness and interest him much more than your favorite slippers or antique chair legs.

Later with the help of dog toys can train.In addition, it greatly helps to cope with nerves and overexcitement.

Toys for dogs Toys for dogs

So, how do you choose the right dog toys?

First of all, the toy should be safe for the animal.See the mat
erial from which it is made, it is in any case should not be toxic.The toy should be firm and strong that the dog could not chew it into pieces.After all, if there is a risk that a large part will be in the stomach.Do not buy a toy larger than capable jaws clasp your puppy, otherwise it will bring a disappointment.

In the earliest period of life are essential such toys as various sticks and bones.They were incredibly nice to chew on!Only if you decide to take it away from the animal, do not pull too hard, otherwise the loss of teeth is provided.

to strengthen teeth are perfect toys that can be enough to pull.Grabbing a rope or harness, the dog is that this extraction and furiously rips it.Here are just kids really enjoy it alone will cause harm.While not knock a half years old, do not think about such games.

for outdoor activities with your dog are ideal balls.Rubber, dense.This is your personal taste and color.Puppy enjoy absolutely any solution!

If the toy is still not distract the puppy from the furniture as much as you would like.It remains only to deprive him of his desire to chew on their favorite things.Lubricate something that causes resentment among your pet and the trick is done.

Now a little about the punishment puppy

There are cases when the animal deliberately seeks to do what is forbidden, even though it understands.Explanations much.For some, this is a game.If you once punished and the other with lowered hands, a puppy repeats the action again.It happens that way a dog in the house trying to win credibility.So do not be afraid to be persistent.Puppy with child should know and understand the scope of what is permitted, what punishment will follow for their violation.

Use these guidelines to the extent and in the comfort of your home will reign, and the communication with the four-legged friend will bring only happiness!
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