Meerkats - distant relatives of the mongoose is, they even belong to the same species.Small animals are fearless and hardy: they not only learned how to survive in the desert, but can fight with scorpions and snakes and poisonous animals make this their lunch or breakfast.

main habitat meerkats - the Kalahari Desert, but some scientists claim that they were carried out before and Madagascar.

As regards the physical characteristics, the weight of an adult ranges from 600 g - 1 kg.The length of the body (not the host), about 20-25 centimeters.

Due to the peculiarities of the structure and color of the eye (the third eyelid and black circles) meerkats can easily look into the sun.

these funny animals live in burrows.A number of members of their family may be up to 30 individuals.Each clan of meerkats belong to its territory, which they jealously guard.

Endurance meerkat striking: small animal can live for several months without water.

daily routine and nutrition meerkat

Every day meerkat family resembles footage from the film "Groundhog Day", but this is not the animals suffer greatly.At first, the family wakes up and is engaged in cleaning - the entrance to the hole should be cleaned from sand.Then the animals have to find your own breakfast.It is time to hunt.

Meerkats meerkat

When the day gets too hot, the clan is hiding in tenyok and rests there.After siesta start searching for dinner.

An hour before sunset, the whole family is found at the threshold of a mink and goes to bed.Sometimes meerkats are moving to a new residence.This usually happens right after breakfast.

these animals feed on lizards, scorpions, snakes, bird eggs, centipedes, spiders, and sometimes plants.

social system meerkats

Meerkat on guard stands meerkat on guard stands

If you are supporter of matriarchy, the prevailing order in the family meerkats have your liking.Here the main female.The basic principle of the existence of family members - collectivism.They are looking for a meal together, and can fearlessly attacked the whole "gang" even the big game.In this one small animal is always on guard, in the photo above is seen as one climb higher is armed.

Their children go to "kindergarten" where they are followed by the nurse, and later taught their adult life and foraging teachers clan.The researchers say that the "teachers" at the meerkats can also be nervous, especially when the students are not very careful.


Aboriginal Africans believe meerkats sun angels that help fight the man with evil spirits and protect it and pets from werewolves and demons of the Moon.

Unusual facts

  1. Meerkats are very curious, so happy to communicate with people.Some African tribes even managed to domesticate these animals.

  2. Every morning after sunbathing meerkat family communicates with each other caresses, as though congratulating all on the beginning of a new day.

  3. These animals have their own language: more than a dozen different sounds to communicate the researchers counted meerkat.

The "schools" are three classes:

  • first children learn to bring dead prey;
  • second they get their skills catching live prey and immobilize it;
  • and third grade little meerkats have become real hunters - they bring the teacher to live "food."

Buy meerkat is not easy, and if they find where you should be aware that the price is not low, between 55 000 and more per animal.

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