While older homes with thick bearing walls can be deployed to meet the door.Traditional building techniques involve plastering slopes using lime or gypsum solutions.Making plaster requires highly skilled masters and special care of execution.They are produced not only during a complete repair space.

When replacing existing windows or doors slopes partially destroyed.Restoration of plaster method is not always convenient.Plaster layer on the data of the bevel will dry long enough (about 4─5 days), and then still have vygotovka and painting them.

To avoid the inconveniences associated with the manufacture of plaster, you can apply mounting materials.When making use of slopes lining (plastic or MDF), drywall.Installation of GCR can be done in two ways - the carcass or glue.

Materials and tools for plasterboard slopes

slopes will need to manufacture gypsum board 12.5 mm thick.Window and door elements in wet areas better be made of water-resistant gypsum board.

Gypsum adhesive
Photo gypsum glue

When pasting slopes GCR applied gypsum glue.Approximate consumption of adhesive - about five kilograms per square meter.The exact rate depends on the brand used glue and the condition of the wall surface.

metal frame made of plasterboard slope profile CD and UD.To fix profiles to the base need dowels and screws.In addition, the device window openings will need sealing tape, and for the door - metallized paper tape.

Of the tools needed punch or a hammer drill, a Bulgarian or metal scissors (for cutting metal sheets), drywall knife.When marking the sheets of gypsum plasterboard profiles and use a tape measure and a metal triangle.Vertical and horizontal surfaces slope control level.

Technology slopes of plasterboard on metal

Technology slopes of plasterboard on metal

slopes Installation of drywall on metal with their hands start with the vertical elements of the opening.Along the edges (perpendicular to the floor) of the fixed guide UD-profile.If UD-profile is fastened to the frame of plastic windows, between the frame and the profile of the sealing tape should be routed to in the winter to avoid freezing profile.

then perpendicular to the guide set CD-profile and sewn derailed GC list.After the opening of the vertical protection plasterboard, start assembling the top.

When shallow slope guiding profile is better to install only on three sides - on the window frame and ready part of gypsum sheathing.After installing gypsum board between the outer part of the bridge and a plasterboard panel a gap of about 1 cm. The gap is filled with adhesive for drywall.

The doorways are usually satisfied with straight slopes.Therefore, the guide profile on the web is secured on all four sides.Once the drywall is installed on the openings on the corners of the vertical elements of the slope glued metallic tape.It will protect the corners of doorways against mechanical damage.With the same purpose in the corners can be installed metal corners.

device slopes of GCR adhesive method

Device slopes of plasterboard adhesive method

adhesive method plasterboard slopes more complex than the device on metal.In order to paste a sheet of drywall to exact angle of the slope, you must have certain skills.Therefore, the wrapping slopes plasterboard is used only in those cases where, for some reason you need to keep as closely as possible the dimensions of the existing opening.

Details for each of the sides of the slope are cut from a single GCR and attach them to the continuous layer of adhesive.Until the glue hardens, the sheet of drywall leveled by checking the level of the slope parameters.

When plasterboard slopes with their own hands, we save time and obtain a perfectly smooth surface.In order to prepare such surfaces to the final finish (paint), it is enough just to reach the finish thin layer of putty.

Watch the video with tips about the installation adhesive method:

Video on how to make the slopes of plasterboard with their hands (expert advice):

Author: Eugene Esipovich for TutKnow.ru