It is an ancient breed of dog, about her place of origin is still debate.

appearances Chinese crested dog

growth of Chinese Crested dog from twenty-three to thirty-three centimeters and weighs between two and six kilograms.There naked Chinese crested dog and downy Chinese Crested dog.

Down vualeobraznymi dogs are completely covered with soft hairs.In hairless dogs scalp only on the limbs, head and tail.There are light and medium type dogs.They differ in body weight.Slightly rounded skull slightly elongated.The flat muzzle tapering towards the nose.Smooth transition from forehead to muzzle.Tight lips.At the tip of the nose may be any color.Start crest comes from the transition from the forehead to the muzzle, and the end of the neck.The crest may be a drop-down or not be very long.The eyes are dark, almost invisible protein.In line with the outer corner of the eyes are low-set ears.Pubescent fringed ears large and erect.The fringe on the ears may be absent.Hanging ears may have downy Chinese Cre
sted dog.Strong teeth are scissor bite.Jaws strong and sturdy.Dry, long neck hangers and no bulges.It is beautifully arched and carried high when moving.Strong shoulders.Narrow and long legs are cleft form.Elongated and tiny bones of the wrist.Elongated hair covers his fingers on the feet.Straight hocks at the paws.Tight to the torso elbows, long and slender forelimbs.Wide in from the hind limbs, low hocks, long tibia.Long Tail Set on high and tapers towards the end.If the dog is not in the excited state, it hangs down.Drop-down, long brush must be at the tip of the tail and should occupy one third of the length of the tail.Color can be any.Chinese Crested Dog lives up to twelve years.

Chinese crested dog: what kind of breed? This is an active, small, kind and cheerful dog.It is very much tied to the owner.Dog gets along very well with people and other animals.Chinese crested dog feels good general atmosphere and knows what she should do.She conducts herself with other people rather mannered.Very good with children.Do not see what it is fragile.She can stand up for himself and is quite temperamental at the right time.Dog loves not only the owner, but also other family members.

To a cold time of year should prepare clothes for dogs to avoid hypothermia.Collar take soft, so it does not rub his neck.

It is a family dog ​​that needs care, love and attention.It has always attracted admiring glances of people.Chinese crested dog is popular all over the world and has many admirers.


Price puppy Chinese Crested dog is not large, can be purchased from 3 000 rubles.The average price of 8 000. A mature documents will cost from 10 thousand rubles.It's easy to ads on the Internet to find the sale of this breed.

Photos Chinese crested dog

Hairless Chinese Crested Dog Hairless Chinese Crested dog

Hairless Chinese Crested Dog Hairless Chinese Crested dog

Hairless Chinese Crested Dog Hairless Chinese Crested dog

Down Chinese crested dog Down Chinese crested dog

Chinese crested dog video

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