on supermarket shelves you can find a huge amount of children's toothpaste, which are different from adult beautiful brightly colored packaging.Manufacturers are trying to improve the appearance of the product and even came up to him to make toys, coloring books and calendars brushing.Do not argue, look lures, and we do not even pay attention to the content of the toothpaste.So what you need to know for the correct choice?

Someone might think that the paste for the whole family can come for the child, but they are intended for use only with the 14-year-olds.The reason is the high concentration of substances hazardous to the child's body.Therefore, when choosing a guide, first of all, the age of the child on the package.

What should I look for when choosing a toothpaste for your child:

How to choose a toothpaste for child ROCS How to choose a toothpaste for child ROCS

  1. Some toothpastes contain abrasives.Such components include sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and calcium carbonate (chalk).They aggressively affect enamel and harm (pas
    te "New Pearl", "My sun").Means the content of silica or titania content less traumatic than abrasives - "Dragon», «Lacalut», «Oral-B», «ROCS», «Colgate».

  2. The paste contains a different amount of fluoride.It is added to protect against dental caries, the bacteria through the protective layer could not penetrate the enamel.But everything is complicated by the fact that our 2-3 year old kids just can not rinse your mouth and swallow up 60% of the paste.Thus, a large amount of fluorine into the stomach and causes the disease fluorosis.Therefore babies up to three years suitable paste with a low content of the trace element (300-500 mg / kg) or without it.The older the child, the higher the concentration of fluoride, and since the age of six the content has a high percentage.

  3. as additives present in some toothpastes triclosan.They are designed with bleeding and inflammation of the gums.To acquire them simply because it is not recommended, since this potent ingredient appoint a doctor.

  4. Toothpastes good quality do not contain saccharin, sodium lauryl sulfate and chlorhexidine.All of them have long banned in the manufacture of hygiene products and safe for health.It should also take with aromatic additives and dyes - it will lead to the emergence of allergic reactions.

  5. so-called "delicious" toothpaste also are unsafe - they have a lot of taste flavors (the child wants to eat).Strong mint flavor, on the other hand, causes a gag reflex.Best of all, when the vehicle contains a weakly-mint or neutral additives, papain (dissolves plaque), lysozyme, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase and lactoferrin (protect against pathogens).

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How to teach your child to brush their teeth?

How to teach your child to brush teeth How to teach your child to brush their teeth

dentifrice squeeze a pea gel.Usually, children paste up to 4 years not foam, so the baby will not have so often spits.Not all children like brushing your teeth.Show him how to clean and spits on a personal example.Engage with the help of stories, fairy tales, or in the form of games.You can hang on a wall chart, and every day there is a tick mark when the baby teeth cleaned.

that he was interested in, select a toothbrush with a princess, a dragon, and others. It should be small and very soft, is not made of natural bristle and synthetic fibers.Change your brush every 3 months.

Video how to teach a child to brush your teeth:

Children Children toothbrush Silicone fingertip

If your baby has its first tooth, and more are under 2 years old, try to buy a silicone fingertip representinga kind of brush-massager.Before such was not, and parents had to cheat a little on your finger and gauze cleaned thus tooth appeared 2-3.A special fingertip even helps Zubkov will be cut and calming effect.Wear mother should be on the little finger or the index finger.Toothpaste is not required, just soak a fingertip in the warm boiled water.

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