cats of these breeds are famous for their peaceful, loving, forgiving and playful temperament.They are less likely to bind only to certain members of the family, which means that a newborn they will treat with the same love, as well as to other members of his family.All breeds, which we present to you, are socially-oriented.

Abyssinian cats Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian (Abyssinian).These cats are extremely friendly and sociable and love to play.They are large and usually red.The coat is short.

American Shorthair cat breed American Shorthair cat breed

American Shorthair (American Shorthair).These happy, social, and energetic cats also get along well with dogs.They have short hair coloring in the three-color: black, gray and white.Very cute and playful breed.

Burmese cat breed Burmese breed cat

Burmese breed (Burmese, «Burma").Playful and adaptable, these cats are equally bound to all the members of his family.Shorthair breed with monotone coloring hair: black, gray, brown, the latter is a very nice color painting.

The Burmese cat breed Burmese breed cat

Burmese breed (Birman).The friendly and people-oriented, Burmese cats are very affectionate with children.It is characterized by hair of medium length.Recognizable color breed - white "gloves", black with gray and a little brown color of muzzle, white (or rather a little grayish) body and a dark tail that looks like the color on the face.These cats have round eyes with a blue color that look beautiful and extraordinary.

Maine Coon cat breed Maine Coon cat breed

Maine Coon (Maine Coon).These big cats are very sociable and get along well with children.However, there is a little less in their content - their fur should be daily vychёsyvat brush.

Manx cat breed Manx cat breed

Manx cat (Manx «Manx»).These tailless cats are very social and friendly.They are both with short hair and a moderately long.

The Persian cat breed Persian cat breed

Persian (Persian).As the Maine Coon, Persian cats require daily care, so keep that in mind.If you will undertake such commitments, you will not regret - the Persians will give you lots of love and attention.

Ragdoll breed of cat Ragdoll breed of cat

Ragdoll (Ragdoll).If you dream of poludlinnoshёrstnoy cat, which requires a lot of care, you will approach this wonderful breed.This is a very gentle cat that well tolerate children hugs and kisses.

Note: Select only breed cat does not guarantee excellent results.If you are looking for a certain breed, you may miss some representatives of mixed species, many of which are perfect for children and to be tolerant of other pets.And believe me, you will love them no less than purebred feline.

Tips when buying a cat

  • go for the cat - take your children with you.Let them choose the pet that will attract to them.
  • Cat obliged to calmly approach the children and showing their affection.Purring - a beautiful sign.
  • Try to scratch and hug your cat - it should not scratching and biting.
  • Never hit your cat.It can become very aggressive and vent their anger on the kid.
  • cat shrinks and tries to escape when loud sounds?If so, it can not become the best preference for families with small children.
  • If the cat is hidden or concealed in the corner - it is just not suitable for a large family.
  • If you take the house with an adult cat shape the character, you will not be difficult to understand how it will behave with children.If ASSUME kitten - it is hard to say anything.The playful character may be associated with age, so be it feature of his personality.
  • If you have small children, adult cats are the best choice, as a child might accidentally harm a kitten (until his death).

preferable to start neutered and spayed animals.They are more calm in nature.In addition, you can show the children that sterilization - a very important part of pet owners.

Socializing with cats will teach your children to be treated with love and respect for animals.
Try to choose a cat, a suitable temperament to your family - only in this case, you will provide a rich and rewarding experience with animals.
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