Very often people deceived, consider a large tarantula spider.Basically, because of the error, so called tarantulas.This is confusing.

inhabit these spiders in the steppes and deserts in arid areas.In the daytime, tarantulas are asleep in their burrows.Mink are vertical holes that go almost on the ground meter.During the night spiders are selected from his hiding place and go hunting.Prey most are insects.These spiders are also unique in that they do not use the web to weave networks, webs, they cover the walls of their shelters or for building egg cocoons.

As a representative of the tribe spider, the tarantula has the characteristics of their relatives.Namely: legs they are not equipped with a complete set of muscles, but flexor.Extensor they hemolymph pressure.That is why the wounded spiders become sluggish.

multiply them in late July and August.The female looks for a suitable hole in her opinion, there lays eggs, which later twist around web.After that, she wears them on so-called spinneret, until
such time until they hatch.And even after that, some time she wears them on his belly.

tarantula venom is deadly, but only for some animals.For a man, he is no more than a simple hornet sting.It appears swelling, but it is not fatal.The blood is this spider has the antidote to his poison.For this reason, the fight between the tarantulas are almost never fatal.But there are exceptions when the cause of death was loss of blood.

At the moment, the most famous of the family were two species of tarantulas.Lycosa tarantula and South Russian tarantula.

Lycosa tarantula Lycosa tarantula Apulian views about a centimeter long.Most often, it can be found in the city of Taranto, Italy.By the way it is here, and there was this name.His fame he received among the people in the Middle Ages, it mistakenly considered poisonous.In many legends and fairy tales he plays the role of the terrible, and these tales and legends passed down from generation to generation.It was believed that many diseases and epidemics occur exactly his fault.It is now proven that the spider is not poisonous.Although Italy is not really believed it.There was even invented an antidote against the spider.The antidote was a dance to the loss of the last forces.People believed that it saves them from the poison.Thus the way was born the famous tarantella dance.

South Russian tarantula South Russian tarantula South Russian spider very famous in Russia.Tarantula length of about two to three centimeters.He lives in burrows, and remember him for what he has on his head a dark cap.That is why it is very difficult to confuse with their brethren.
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