He has a very solid growth - up to 122 cm and weighs 35-40 kg at the same time (although some males reach 45 kg) Emperor Penguin (Eng. Emperor Penguin) is the largest of all 17 species of penguins.Due to the dense plumage, penguins feel comfortable enough in any frost and cold.To maintain optimum body temperature and not suffer from the cold promotes a thick layer of fat, which in addition to thermoregulatory function, acts as a sort of pantry, replenishing the energy balance of birds.

important role to warm the body plays a black-and-white color down.When the sun feathers black actively absorb and store heat from the sun.Nature has given these animals unique survival mechanisms in harsh environments.For example, they are adapted to walk on snow and ice, on the heels and tail.To keep warm during the severe frosts, emperor penguins gather in tight groups.Clinging to each other and are constantly moving from the outer circle to the middle, they heat the air inside of the circle to 35 degrees, at an extern
al temperature of -20 ° C.

Where are the emperor penguins

Where are the Emperor penguins Where are the emperor penguins

main habitat of the penguins is Antarctica.They live in colonies that can number is the number of different birds.The largest colonies numbering up to 10,000 penguins, small colonies unite about 300 individuals.Emperor Penguin of all other types of leave to the southern extremities, arranging their lives on the ice floes.But to continue, and hatching eggs, they together returned to the mainland.According to the results of observations and studies were about 35-38 penguin colonies.

What eat

Emperor penguins as excellent swimmers and divers, the food is produced to feed itself only in the water.Diet make fish, squid, krill.Animals gather food jointly and together as a group together to attack a school of fish, attacking it with their beaks.Small rybёshek they consume more water, but grow larger items, delivered up, that would be her gut.

Interesting facts: in pursuit of prey emperor penguin can dive to 500 meters deep and has a top speed of 6 km / hour and stay under water for about 15 minutes.

at sea the penguins spend about two months a year, but then are forced to return to continue the race.

Emperor penguins form breeding colonies that are placed on the coastal ice floes.A place for bird colonies selected among cliffs and glaciers, so it is not windy, and there were a number of areas of open water and open water.Such sites are required animals to quickly find food for their young.


Emperor penguins - breeding Emperor penguins - breeding

process of removing from the emperor penguin chicks very touching and noble.The female lays only one egg in May or June and with the help of the beak moves it on his feet, covering the abdominal skin fold of the body.Egg future baby weighs 450 grams, and its dimensions constitute 12x9 cm. The appearance of the eggs parental couple welcomed with a loud cry.Within hours, the egg gently takes to her male, allowing, at last, after a long fasting female reinforce strength in water.

Emperor penguins - males guarding eggs Emperor penguins - the males guard the eggs

Caring males at this time slipping into dense groups and joining forces to save the lives of future chicks.Now they will warm the egg until the appearance of the baby.Rested and gained strength female, three months after the wife finds voice and takes away the egg or chick has already appeared.

Emperor penguins - egg

Interesting facts: The duration of incubation of the eggs sometimes lasts up to 100 days, but usually 62-66 day by a chick.

Hatched penguin weighs just over 300 grams.Five weeks later the grown kids are assembled together into a kind of "kindergarten" where they are under the protection and conservation of adult emperor penguins.Because of the large number of chicks in one place unerringly find their parents, to hearty and time to feed.In December - January, feeding chicks, and after a month ends up shedding together with adults they go to sea until the spring.At the emperor penguin are not too many enemies, so naturally he lives up to 25 years.

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Photo Emperor penguin:

Photo Emperor penguin Photo Emperor penguin

Photo Emperor penguin Photo Emperor penguin

Photo Emperor penguin Photo Emperor penguin

Photo Emperor penguin PhotosEmperor penguin

Photo Emperor penguin Photo Emperor penguin

Photo Emperor penguin Photo Emperor penguin

Photo Emperor penguin Photo Emperor penguin

Photo Emperor penguin Photo Emperor penguin
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