To answer this question, we must first understand what it means to "obey or bad does not listen at all?"Ignore team in whole or from time to time, or perhaps does so inaccurately or too slow?Familiar situation, is not it?

obedience wrong reasons may be several. first - just not enough dog house trained.What does it mean?

Let's say you come to the section of karate and learn how to perform a particular blow.But it still does not mean that you will be able to apply it in a real combat situation.Here are six months training you will have some skill, but you will agree that your movements are still, of course, will yield to the movements of the master black belt.So the dog.3-4 months of training given a basic course, produced "skill" that is, understanding your dog problem and the ability to more or less correctly perform it.And to this skill turned into "skill" that is, the movement, the learned to automaticity and perform in all circumstances, it takes much more time (about a year).

does not perform a close

Suppose, however, that you really long train some skill, but the result is still not as it looks as you would like.Often this is because the dog was formed quite vague idea of ​​what she should do.For example, fulfilling the command "next", you occasionally lose sight let her move a little, I smell something in the side or way behind.As a result, movement of the animal team "next» have wider boundaries than it is under the specification.How quickly you can change it now depends on your stubbornness.Do not rush to unfasten leash.Practiced movement series (or any other), clearly imagining his perfect image.All deviations from that image firmly rejected.

does not perform a sit

It also happens that it is wrong to execute a command you do to teach your dog.For example, submitting command "sit» , the owner is waiting for the response 1 ... 3 ... 5 ... 8 seconds, then goes out of himself and force the dog seats, hoping that the next time the animal will do everything on demand.A pet is something just to remember what the command "sit" is performed as follows: first waiting for 1 ... 3 ... 5 ... 8 seconds, and then sit down briskly.

not execute the command to me

Why does my dog ​​does not listen to me, do not execute the command to me

But worst of all, when the owner of the dog learns to ignore his team at all.Indifference is produced in the event that performance or nonperformance of the order is not encouraged or not be penalized.For example, half-taught dog too soon to descend on a leash and a tenfold selfless master's "me," she responds.Thus, command "to me» ceases to carry the animal any information.The solution in this case can be a change of the command (for example, instead of "me" use "here") and trained her from scratch, that there were no associations with the past behavior.

If you believe that the dog is perfectly trained to not perform your orders at all because of a misunderstanding, it is a chance to rethink their relationship with her.Most likely, the animal has a very high status in your family, and the leader will not be subject to the subdominant.Lower rank of your dog, and the problem will disappear disobedience.

And last possible cause of poor obedience - this being of the animal.Show the dog to the vet to exclude it.

Remember trained dog - a happy dog, and the time spent on training your friend, be compensated later.
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