Watches Ulysse Nardin amongst other accessories shows the time, distinguished by their appearance.They, like all Swiss "ticking buildings", the exact course, expensive materials, complex mechanism.Brand "Ulysses Nardin" is not new to the market, it produces watches since 1846, so that the quality and reliability of these creations can not put into question.But the main feature of watches from M. Nardi, this is not - his goods, work of art, very unusual, that distinguishes them from other "brothers" from the face and hands.

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Price up Ulysse Nardin Marine and where to buy?

Our blog no trades, please do not write to us on the website in the comments of questions about the purchase and delivery of goods.Buy original watches Ulysse Nardin Marine is not difficult, as long as your financial opportunities allow, but for those who do not have an extra thousand or hundreds of thousands of US dollars, you can buy a copy of
these watches at an affordable price (well, that there are such people,the Chinese, thanks to them).For those who wish to purchase a copy, click on the banner below:

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Price up Ulysse Nardin Marine:

  • in Russia - 2490 rubles
  • in Ukraine - 840 UAH.
  • Kazakhstan - 11,000 tenge
  • in Belarus - 620 000 BYR.
  • in Moldova - 540 lei

If you find this expensive, then look no further review of the original ...

features and a collection of watches Ulysse Nardin

Post description of these expensive and status accessories better collection of "Trilogy", one of the models which came in 1989 Guinness Book of Records because it was considered the most complex of mechanical mechanisms.

Ulysse Nardin Astrolabium Galileo Galilei Ulysse Nardin Astrolabium Galileo Galilei

1. Astrolabium Galileo Galilei - model watches Ulysse Nardin, is named in honor of Galileo Galilei and his instrument Astrolabe.To describe such an invention, and a miracle is impossible - it must be seen.But the model of watch accessories showed how are located in a given period of time, stars in the sky (main), where the eclipse will occur (and the sun and the moon), and of course the local time.And it is not quartz and automatic caliber UN-97!Sapphire crystal.The price of the original watch ranges from 20 to 90 thousand dollars.Of course it all depends on the material of the case: platinum or gold.

Ulysse Nardin Planetarium Copernicus Ulysse Nardin Planetarium Copernicus

2. Planetarium Copernicus - called just by chance, and after the great astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.The dial of this watch Ulysse Nardin - a model of the solar system.Due to their complex mechanism can learn the location of other planets in relation to our world, to the signs of the zodiac.This, for example, enables the astronomer or astrologer to make your prediction.The price of pleasure - $ 22,000.

Watches Ulysse Nardin Tellurium Johannes Kepler Watches Ulysse Nardin Tellurium Johannes Kepler

3. Tellurium Johannes Kepler - a special model, bears the name in honor of the scientist Kepler (Johannes).The mechanism to determine the possibility of surprises longitude of the day (anywhere in the hemisphere), and then find out the time of sunrise and sunset sunlight.Price - $ 45,000.

All this collection has surprised the world in its time, pushing the boundaries and pointing to the close relationship of the usual measuring the hours and minutes before the motion of celestial bodies in the vast universe.

Watches Ulysse Nardin Jaquemart Minute Repeater Watches Ulysse Nardin Jaquemart Minute Repeater

4. Next "party" models of Ulysse Nardin - is Jaquemart Minute Repeater .Just with a round hull, mechanical and unusual - the minute repeater.Later he came face a work of art with the figure blacksmith, slugger hours.The name of this masterpiece Hour Striker San Marco.Opening with "carousel" became a legendary because many times awarded the prize of "innovation in watchmaking" and called «FREAK».Protection against water up to 30 meters.This limited edition of their value better not say ... 650─800 thousand dollars.

Watches Ulysse Nardin Hannibal Minute Repeater Watches Ulysse Nardin Hannibal Minute Repeater

Watches Ulysse Nardin Hannibal Minute Repeater Watches Ulysse Nardin Hannibal Minute Repeater

Watches Ulysse Nardin Hannibal Minute Repeater Watches Ulysse Nardin Hannibal Minute Repeater

5. The photo above similar clock called Ulysse NardinHannibal Minute Repeater .Platinum 950 (as in the model above), granite dial mechanism -kalibr UN-78, manual winding, alligator strap.You can dive up to 30 meters into the water.If your disposal is 750 thousand dollars, you can afford to buy such a watch.

All this undoubtedly very complex, prestigious, characterized by high price watches.But let's talk about the Chinese counterparts, which can be bought for 40 bucks.

Specifications Ulysse Nardin Marine: a copy of the hours

Ulysse Nardin Marine

There are cheaper Ulysse Nardin watch male models - Marine.They refer them to the marine theme, also attracted an unusual design, but non-critical consumers.Original costs about $ 8900, but we will describe the characteristics of the copies:

  • housing is traditionally a round steel 14 mm thick;

  • Dial diameter 43 mm chrome steel painted in the color of the strap (blue, brown, gold).On the dial are large Roman numerals.In the center of the inscription «Ulysse Nardin»;

  • movement quartz, battery, which will last at least a year;

  • Ulysses Nardin Marine watches have large hands, are metered hours and minutes.The second hand is separate and looks like a stopwatch on the dial, as well as the index date;

  • mineral glass;

  • Bracelet (Strap) rubber color, length 240 mm.

Appearance replica watches Ulysse Nardin Marine

from this series particularly attractive time indicator of blue, complete with gold-plated elements (numbers, arrows, bracelet).They go perfectly with jeans, bright costumes or clothing for boating.You can imagine it as a summer accessory, which can travel and even swim.In normal everyday life Ulysse Nardin also looks good, even in public transport, exposing the wrist you will look solid.

Bracelet from special rubber material so firmly holding expensive accessory on the wrist that is experienced on vacation or on public transport for the safety of Ulysses Nardin watches do not have to.

Dial big, not thin, with large numbers and arrows.On the side of the body one button to move the arrow.Everything shimmers and glitters with gold.


All necessary parameters can be seen on the wrist watches Ulysse Nardin.It:

  • indicators for hours, minutes and seconds;
  • illuminated arrows in the dark or unlit room;
  • stopwatch, compass;
  • waterproof and shock high watchcase;
  • not busy tearing the rubber strap.

reviews copies of Ulysse Nardin Marine

About expensive counterparts hours on a hand from Ulysses backgammon, which cost more than a million rubles, write a bit, but they do not have any negative reviews.This product is 100% high quality and prestigious.Cheaper Chinese models (copies) of the same brand Ulysse Nardin, also have positive feedback, but there are also negative.The negative reviews may include statements about the poor lighting on the arrows on the battery will last a little, a long strap, which requires shortening, etc.there can be noted that the wrist accessory requires careful attention and careful selection.

Elvira, 31 years

gave her husband a fisherman gift - watches Swiss watches Ulysse Nardin.First, I am jumping for joy.When he returned from a fishing trip, the clock already had not worked, rose.It turns out it they took out the fish from the water and diving and never removed.And rightly so!The manual was written that is possible.And that's not possible there.Now buy such unfortunate chronographs can only advise or to protect them and do not wear or have a large purse to buy the original!

Sergei, 40 years old and Valery, 35 years

We bought for two watches Ulysse Nardin firm specifically for the holiday.Who goes to the sea, and the hours.Excellent decoration and record the exact time.It draws attention, but it is good that it is not criminal types.When we are together with a friend, you have to throw a lot!

Alex, 33 years

Long chose his wristwatch on the 30th anniversary.Of all that attracted met their uniqueness and style, reasonable price, too - watches Ulysse Nardin.Soon three years, I do not part with them.Yet I never regretted: go exactly always shine arrows all that big - just noticed, coming to any of my clothes.I advise everyone to choose Ulysses backgammon.

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