Invented huge amount of tools, techniques and methods of face care.One of them, perhaps the most effective is physiotherapy apparatus darsonval.The study is based on the method of electrotherapy device, that is the unit to high-frequency switching currents on the human body.Medicinal properties of the positive pulsed current used for the past hundred years.The first scientist to have been proven therapeutic brilliant performance, was a French physiologist Jean Arsene D'Arsonval, after whom later and was named the unit.

How does darsonval

effect produced by the device is achieved through the activation of metabolic processes.In addition, the device leads to normal blood flow, even in some way serves as a massage, thereby lowering the pain threshold of the impact of external stimuli on the pain receptors, and improves the overall tone of the facial muscles.Total darsonvalization not only to rejuvenate the face, but she will contribute to the whole body.For example, lowering blood pressure, slowing of
blood clotting, which can help get rid of a migraine or restore the disturbed sleep.

Instructions for use darsonvalya

darsonvalization usually carried out in beauty salons experts of this field.However, the procedure is not so complex, and the science has leaped forward, allowing to personalize the unit and carry out the procedure at home.

Darsonval face

darsonval There are two options for use in the home:

  • contact, the so-called silent discharge.The essence of the method is that a vacuum electrode darsonvalya acts on a certain area of ​​the face.

  • Proximity or spark.On the machine is put a special nozzle, which further tray at a distance 1─5 millimeters to the facial skin for a short time and then removed.At this point, a small portion of the airspace near the head of the machine is filled with ozone, thereby forming a spark charge, accompanied by a slight tingling sensation.

Before using the device, a person must be dry before the procedure, it is desirable to use a special tool to cleanse the face, but be sure to wait until it is completely dry.Also during the procedure darsonvalization avoid touching the places where the skin is especially vulnerable, namely the eyelids and around the eyes.Upon completion of the procedures necessary to wash and half an hour to apply a moisturizing cream.

between the procedures is desirable to observe a small break in the amount of one day to the skin a rest.It is best to do the procedure before going to bed.A notable effect of darsonvalya reached after 10─13 procedures.And regular use can improve the overall health and relieve fatigue.

Indications and contraindications for use darsonvalya

Darsonval face

Methodology of this unit is widely distributed in various branches of medicine, so the indications for use darsonvalya have grand huge list, ranging from all sorts of diseases of the skin (rashes, herpes, eczema,itching, swelling and rashes of various kinds), to beauty treatments at (dandruff, strengthen hair and against the loss of the latter).Darsonval also used to combat cellulite.

Darsonval hair

Hair has a special nozzle in the form of a comb.

Contraindications following:

  • damaged areas persons with weakened skin.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Diseases associated with bleeding disorders and blood circulation.

Despite all of the above each unit darsonval has detailed instructions with the characteristics set out therein, on the basis of which spelled out all contraindications and proper use of the machine.

Price home, universal darsonvalya from 3000 to 4500 rubles, new electrodes (tips) for darsonval worth RUB 100.

video about darsenvalizatsiyu:

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