Enzyme Peeling carries anti-aging effect, purifies the skin, helps to eliminate a lot of problems associated with improper care.The surface layer of the skin is smoothed, the complexion improves, increases the tone.

What enzyme peeling

Most cosmetic procedures are aggressive methods, enzyme peeling is just the opposite.In its application the skin does not cause any harm.Enzymes - enzymes that purified from the skin of toxins and other "dirt", more vitamins, which cleave the substance on the skin surface.Chapped particles dissolve without the action of acids and other irritants.

Composition enzyme peel is quite simple: bromelain, trypsin, papain and other (all acids which are excreted in the fruit).They do not harm, because the weakly concentrated, but in turn have antiedematous, antimicrobial action.

This procedure is an effective preventive measure, especially if you have sensitive skin, which often responds to an unfavorable environment.

enzyme peeling is carried out in the following cases

Enzyme Peeling Face

  • presence of age spots.

  • In the case where a part is dominated by aggressive cosmetic ingredients that are not suitable to your skin.

  • If you do therapy of acne and you still have the scars, enzyme peeling will help you better than any other means.

  • Oily skin problems such as black spots and pimples.

  • If you have crossed 30, this procedure will help keep your face in good shape.

  • women who have dark skin, it is impossible to carry out a deep facial peels.

Action enzyme peels for face

  • metabolism at the intracellular level improves as a result of action exfoliating peel.

  • redness and inflammation subside the day after cosmetic procedures.

  • There cleansing, because dead cells die and are sloughed off.

  • If you are the happy owner of freckles, enzyme peeling will help get rid of them, as well as other age spots (but not with the first procedure).

  • narrowed pores and acne scars become less noticeable.

Enzyme peeling in beauty salons

Enzyme Peeling salons beauty- price

In most cases the procedure is carried out in beauty salons as to its implementation need to carefully prepare the face.Remove make-up, clean skin, be sure to steam it, because enzymes are better in a warm environment.

important that peeling is completely painless.Of course, it all depends on your skin type.Sometimes you can feel a slight tingling, burning.You can also apply peels in the neck and upper chest.

procedure lasts on average 30─45 minutes.Do not touch your hands to face throughout the day, and sunbathing.Throughout the week, do not use cosmetics, especially creams.The procedure can be performed weekly for the best effect.

Price enzyme peeling treatments in beauty salons (05.05.2015):

  • in Russia - from 500 to 3000 rubles and more.Some beauty salons in Moscow asking for this procedure more than 6,000 rubles, but the average 1200─1500 rubles.

  • in Ukraine - from 200 to 500 UAH.The average price of 300 USD.

Types of cosmetic products for enzyme peeling

Types of cosmetic products for enzyme peeling

  • Stopproblem. As part prevails salicylic acid.Preference is given to women with oily skin as a means removes shine and normalizes the sebaceous glands, reduces redness.You can use it even if you kuperioz.

  • «I am the most." recommended for dry skin, since the composition is dominated by vitamins F, C and E, aloe, sea minerals and papain.It relieves irritation.

  • GiGi. base gel - papain, amylase, protease and lipase, as well as urea, citric acid and vitamin C. The tool actively used for the neck and décolleté.The result is whitening and cleansing.Gigi is rightly regarded as the best cosmetics, you can trust her 100%.

  • «Mirra." first thing that catches the eye - it is a completely natural part of the assets - natural preservatives and enzymes.Therefore ideal for all skin types.

  • Janssen. If you have sensitive skin, then this tool is for you.It needs not to wash off at the end of the procedure, and wash cloths.Janssen often used before other procedures as an additional tool.

  • Klapp. Base - thyme, which is well on the skin.It can easily be applied at home after taking a shower.


  • during pregnancy.

  • If the skin is damaged.

  • diabetes.

  • skin diseases.

Already after the first procedure, you sweep, as your skin changes (becomes soft, improves texture and color).But there are a few procedures to secure the full effect.

Videos about Peeling Fruit-enzyme (Mirra):

Author: Marina Ivashchuk for TutKnow.ru