Cocktail KSF 55 - a protein powder (supplement), dissolved in water, he "converted" into a drink that promotes the growth of muscle tissue.It is a balanced complex of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which is based on whey protein.WPC 55 (Whey Protein Concentrate) is particularly valuable product for men keen on weight training to build a beautiful body.It is fast, efficient, safe for health and makes muscles strong relief.Make a slimmer body with the help of protein BUD can people with excess weight, with more body fat and those with "density" is lacking: a tool to help them to withdraw excess body fat and build muscle missing.
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What price KSF 55 and where to buy?

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CSF protein shake 55

One package only 100 grams of powder, it is enough for 8-10 doses.That is, if you have a 3 week training, then one pack is enough for a week.In order to feel the result, it is advisable to buy a 4 pack.After a month of training mode and receiving CSB 55 you will be able to draw conclusions - to take further cost or no result.Usually 99% of consumers are delighted.

Approximate price CSF protein shake 55:

  • in Russia - 1190 rubles
  • in Ukraine - 249 UAH.
  • in Kazakhstan - 6990 tenge
  • in Belarus - 280 000 BYR.
  • in Moldova - 400 lei.

Properties protein shake KSF 55

Conventional sports training certainly help the body become slimmer: burn calories and strengthen muscles.But this process must take place continuously, first to the body was a relief, and then to maintain it in a condition to pull up.Dietary supplement safely CRS 55 will accelerate twice as combustion processes accrued subcutaneous fat, forming a slim figure, making arms and legs stronger.

Whey protein concentrate WPC 55

protein shake - a source of energy, in its composition, it contains a purified protein and a multivitamin that energized.This complex helps to withstand prolonged stress in the gym, doing endurance and helps you stay awake for a long time.

KSF 55 complex natural products that fill the body with additional vitamins and trace elements, which means that support health.The concentrate can prepare yourself and use as recommended - it's simple.

composition of WPC 55

The composition of CSB 55

basis concentrate WPC 55 is a whey protein.This is the most biologically valuable product obtainable from whey.By all accounts superior to all other proteins, so is widely used for the manufacture of protein mixtures (for athletes).It is very easily absorbed (almost 100%) and its amino acid composition is similar to acids consisting muscle.Now I understand why so fast it begins to grow, this component of the human body.

Also fast digestibility, CSB 55 enhances immunity, lowers blood pressure, prevents oncological diseases.

As a part of protein shake contains wheat germ extract, Siberian Ginseng and viburnum, multivitamin complex.

100 g WPC 55 contains 412 calories, including:

  • fat 5 g
  • carbohydrates 22 g
  • protein 70 g

result of whey protein concentrate WPC 55

CSF protein shake 55

course, full of people with excess weight quickly become similar to Apollo can not - take more time, and most importantly regular exercise and drinking protein shake.For normal people by strengthening muscles and their growth it will already be noticeable on the 3rd week.It should be noted, that progress will not stop there: the effect will increase with each workout.Time after time athletic exercises and the use of CRS will increase the amount of 55 trained muscles.

Recommendations for WPC 55

Recommendations for the use of CRS 55

Although this dietary supplement is considered a cocktail, but it is sold as a concentrated powder for reconstitution in liquid.Prepare it simple: take 200─250 ml of water and dilute it a teaspoon of protein powder KSB 55. This procedure should be immediately before use.

accepted a drink of 35─40 minutes before you go into the gym and start strength training.

'll have another batch of dilute protein shake CRS 55 to secure the effect and achieve a better anabolic effect, but after physical exertion.Drink it should be half an hour after leaving the gym.

powder can be diluted with any juice, as long as you whey protein concentrate WPC 55 was the taste!

Contraindications can say no, the exception is only the personal intolerance of the body components cocktail.

Reviews of whey protein CSB 55

Reviews of CSB 55

KSF 55 Although the product is an innovation, but positive reviews about it quite a lot.Who would not help this protein shake - very little.Usually there is only one minus - little expensive value of the goods.People (men and even women, by the way) write about the fast and visible achievements of the slender body, the quality of the product, about the benefits of whey protein concentrate, share achievements in the forums.Here are some of them:

Alexander, 28 years

I worked a lot in the gym with trainer and independently, but as a result of such a protein shake could not achieve for years.A month ago, a friend of the trainer said of the 55 CSB that there is an easily digestible protein and totally harmless composition.I searched for him the negative reviews, but I found none.I began to try for yourself and see the results here: I'm from a skinny skeleton amyous almost turning into a normal man with strong arms.Comrade says that the result is not going anywhere, and cocktails and will help my muscles grow stronger.I really hope.

Fedor, 29 years

I am one of those people who believe that first you need to lose weight, and then deal with the formation of a beautiful body.So he lived 10 years: that losing weight, I try to strengthen your muscles ... is there such a mix of whey protein, which is easily digested while burning fat and strengthening muscles."I sit" on it for the third month, it is expensive, but effective.All is simple: a glass of KSF 55 before training and after a glass - thin, "dried up", I bought a beautiful slender body and now with me amateur dinner and smiling beauty.

Sergei, 41 years

Before eating protein shake I felt flabby, even after training in the gym to achieve the desired relief could not.Add fatigue.He began to think about leaving the "rocking", but men supported and given the necessary advice to buy pure protein concentrate protein, ieCRS 55. Positive reviews about it was enough, and I'm not really worrying about his health began to drink a glass of protein shake before loading.Now I see the result: as a young man clearly delineated blocks press, biceps bulging chest and strength after training I did not leave.

Andrei, 34 years old - has sent a photo and this review personally

Reviews of whey protein CSB 55 Reviews of whey protein CSB 55

I did an experiment on himself and protein shakes KSF 55, still in adolescence a little doing, but howI came from the army, and 22 years was not engaged at all, there was no time.Now I decided to bring the body back in order.I engaged strictly with the coach and on schedule: exercise, nutrition, healthy lifestyle.As a result, for 5 months of hard training and receive a special protein was able to collect 10 kg of muscle and excess fat to overtake into the power supply.The first 3 months (engaged in the room 3 times a week) drinking whey protein CSB 4 times a week for two times, because of this retype a lot, did not have time to burn the calories, then 2 months began to drink it only once - on the day of training for30 minutes.The result is very happy as my coach!

CSF protein shake 55
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