Activated carbon is one of the most powerful adsorbents that help cleanse the body.But many modern women are not even aware that using it has a great opportunity to solve many problems associated with the skin - to clean pores, remove black dots, perform a deep cleaning and get rid of acne problems, as well as other types of skin inflammation.

The advantages of activated carbon is not only its cleansing properties, but also the availability of, because it is relatively inexpensive.Face masks that include it in their composition, are ideal for all skin types, however, has one major contraindication - the presence of rosacea.
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Application and use of activated carbon

Activated charcoal on black spots

Activated carbon is of natural origin, therefore, it is valuable to the human body.The maximum number of useful properties is transferred to the mask and including it in your composition.Provided that the regular use of it in the care of a person, you can achieve
the following results:

  • quickly eliminate all the black point, even those from whom it was impossible to get rid of using mechanical cleaning.

  • significantly reduces oiliness.

  • perfectly cleanses the pores - eliminated accumulated dust, dirt and sebum.

  • has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.Therefore, the mask with the addition of activated carbon is useful in the presence of acne, acne and other skin problems.

  • is an intensive skin regeneration, eliminates facial wrinkles.

Masks with the addition of activated carbon have a complex effect, so it is recommended to use them at any age, because these funds are returned to the beauty and healthy skin color.

such masks to bring the maximum benefit, it is necessary to follow a few simple tips:

  • Apply this mask should be not less than 5─6 weeks while cleaning procedure is carried out only once in 7 days.

  • Once completed one course, done a little break, which shall not be less than two months.

  • In extremely rare cases, an allergic reaction to the activated carbon, so before using such masks need to test for sensitivity.When the slightest discomfort from such masks should refuse, because you can remove the black spots, but to get more serious skin problems.

  • Apply for masks permitted only fresh coal, which is ground to a powder.

  • Cleansing masks give the best results when used in the preheated skin - you need to make a steam bath or simply take a hot shower.

mask with charcoal and gelatin

Mask with activated charcoal and gelatin

To make a mask, you will need to take ½ tablet of activated charcoal, ½ tsp.gelatin and spoon 1 tsp.a spoonful of water (milk).

Take the activated charcoal and crushed until it becomes a powder.Then mixed with gelatin and the resultant mixture was diluted in water until a homogeneous thick paste.Instead of water, it is recommended to use milk, as it appears on the skin softer impact.

To get the right consistency, it is necessary to dissolve the gelatin, and for this you can use a water bath or warm it in the microwave.Once the mass is smooth consistency, it is necessary to leave it for a while until it cools to room temperature, so as not to get burned.

finished activated carbon mask is applied to clean skin on the fingers or using a special brush (must be chosen with a stiff bristle brush).As a general rule, apply this mask is recommended in the areas of concern - the chin, nose and forehead.But there are times when black dots appear on the cheeks.That is why the mask is applied to the entire face.

mask is left on the face of minutes on 10─15 (taking into account the severity of the problem).It must dry completely and become a plyonochku.After this time, her fingers gently on the sides of the elastic film and to hook removed.Along with the film from the contaminated pores all the dirt is removed.The black dots, which brought so much trouble, can be seen on the reverse side of the film is removed - they look like tiny bumps.It seems that the person is removed from the thinnest layer of skin which will be removed and all imperfections.

from the use of this mask is to give at such disease as rosacea, upon receipt of cuts or irritation on the skin.After applying the mask to be applied lotion or tonic, tightens pores and a moisturizer as the skin can become very dry.

This gelatin mask film with the addition of activated charcoal, just after the first use, giving stunning results.Once the film is removed, it will be seen that the skin was almost perfectly clean, back natural shine and radiance.This mask can be used as a preventive agent against the formation of blackheads every 7 days, however, it should not be abused.

mask with rose water and activated carbon

For this mask you need to take coal, tea tree essential oil, rose water.Coal is crushed, and the resulting powder (1 teaspoon) mixed with a few drops of oil, rose water is added (1.5 tsp).

All components thoroughly kneaded, and the resulting mixture is applied to the face, left for 15 minutes, washed off.Apply this mask is recommended for oily skin, because it is perfectly removes shine.When used for dry and sensitive skin, it is necessary to remove from the essential oil.

mask with charcoal and rose petals

To make a cleanser, you need to take the white and green clay, activated carbon powder, essential oil of geranium, rose petals, water (you can substitute milk infusion tea or herbal decoction).

Take ½ teaspoon of.l.two types of clay, introduced a little water to form a thick paste.Rose petals are crushed and added to the slurry is introduced 4 drops of geranium oil and activated carbon powder (1 tsp. L.).

finished mask is applied to clean face with light massage movements.To this cosmetic procedure gave better results, you need to pre-steam the skin, since the pores must be open.Once the mask is completely dry, it is necessary to wash.

This mask with the addition of activated carbon is not only perfectly cleanses the skin and helps slow the aging process, prolonging youth.

mask with aloe and activated carbon

This mask not only helps clean the pores, and perfectly removes pimples and other inflammations.To obtain it needs coal, ground to a powder (1 ch. L.) And fresh aloe juice (1 ch. L.).We introduce a 1/3 hr. Liter.sea ​​salt, just a couple of drops of water and the same amount of essential oil of tea tree.

Before using this mask, it is imperative to clean the skin of the face.Mix well all the ingredients, the resulting mass is applied on the face with soft massage movements.About 20 minutes later, you need to wash with warm waters.Maximum cleaning effect can be achieved with the prior steaming of the skin, the pores can open.

activated carbon and yogurt

We need to take a powder activated carbon (1 table. Spoon) that is mixed with fresh lemon juice (1 tsp. Spoon).The mixture is introduced yogurt without dyes and flavorings (2 table. Tablespoons).

First the steam cleansing procedure, during which fine pores are revealed.Then the mask is applied and left for about 20 minutes, after which you need to wash your face with warm waters.This mask with yogurt and activated charcoal helps with detoxification of the skin.

mask scrub

For this cleanser simply connect the activated carbon, ground to a powder with a little water - a thick paste is formed.It is this and paste should be applied to all areas of concern.After 10 minutes, you simply wash with warm some water and apply any moisturizer.

use masks with activated carbon

How to use masks with activated charcoal

Before using a particular mask, which includes activated carbon, it is necessary to get acquainted with the following rules:

  • must perform a test to determine allergy or sensitivityto the facility.When the slightest irritation, is expressly prohibited further use of such cleansing masks.

  • Do not use the above recipes for very dry skin.

  • For maximum results, such purifying mask must be applied courses - for 5─6 weeks, then a break for a few months.You can stick and the next circuit - used no more than once a week.

  • impossible to make a mask with the addition of activated carbon often than 3 times in the last 7 days.

  • sure to pay attention to the shelf life of the coal can be used as the only fresh product.

  • Before applying a mask, you must first clean the face with a tonic or froth and steam the skin, the pores widened.

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