Slim Patch - Band-Aid, which is glued to the problem area of ​​the body, the active weight loss and eliminate cellulite.Its composition is all natural (Tibetan herbs) and do not pose a health risk.Apply it easy at home, in the normal mode of the day, does not require a doctor's advice.Slim Patch Slimming patch has room effects, and not just on the local area.It reduces appetite, removes excess fluid, improves elasticity of the skin, restores its elasticity.

price and where to buy patches for weight loss?

asked where to buy hard to answer, because I ordered them online store for 990 rubles (10 pcs.).Then she saw the result and decided to buy a dozen, so there is already of stock.Somewhere I found a price tag of 540 rubles per 30 pieces.Simply put - buy patches for weight loss Slim Patch is not easy, because they have not produced and delivered from abroad, so the price is all different.Yet, as you can see in the photos on the site to demonstrate two types of patches - American magnets and Chinese, the
latter hardly effective at all.Personally, my opinion - Diet & Fitness will best help lose weight, but it's all a waste of money.

How useful Slim Patch, its properties

This method of struggle against excess weight is not quite traditional: does not affect the digestive tract, liver and kidneys.Transdermally (through the skin) is much more effective other, he can not harm our internal organs, asa direct impact on the problem area of ​​the body.For example, you feel distressed, flabby, fat, cellulite and so on. Your shoulders, hips, abdomen and waist, legs, then take patches Slim Patch and posted them at least throughout the body.

Tibetan herbs as part of a patch effect on appetite (reduce it), digested fat cells, helps to eliminate fluid and toxins.All of this contributes to weight loss and body shaping.

Besides the active ingredients of plaster that are safe, they are very effective in fighting obesity and cellulite, caring for the skin patch is attached, even around the clock.He does not limit your mobility: walk, work, do ordinary household chores or take a shower.

Suitable for men and women of any age.For best results, apply a film-advised sauna Shape Up Belt.

composition patch Slimming Slim Patch

tiny particles always good to penetrate through the skin and into the blood for distribution.Slim Patch is therefore much more effective than other anti-obesity agents.For esophageal better if all these herbs, bypassing it, fall directly into the skin and soft tissues.

composition Slim Patch following:

  1. alismy Rhizomes (alisma vulgaris) extract. Provides lymphatic drainage effect, ie,It helps to remove excess fluid from edema and cellulite.

  2. Hawthorn. restore and improve blood circulation, strengthen the walls of capillaries, relaxes, reduces cholesterol.

  3. Sesame seeds. As part of the Slim Patch patch for weight loss, they inhibit the growth of fat cells, reduce body fat, deduce toxins.

  4. cassia seed. has antibacterial properties, good cleans the organs, reduce cholesterol and reduce body fat.

  5. tree resin. Softens the skin contained therein essential oil.It provides reliable adhesion Slim Patch.

How to use Slim Patch: User

How to use Slim Patch - User How to use Slim Patch - User

Firstly, it should be noted that the maximum activity patch for weight loss comes at a time of sleep, that is,at night time.Action Slim Patch can last a day, but the manufacturer advises to take it off in the morning, and at night the fresh paste for better exposure.So, in order:

  • take a shower, dry with a towel.Plot (thigh area, arm, waist or abdomen) leave untouched cream.It should be dry and free of grease for better contact with the Slim Patch.

  • Open and paste patch: push the protective film and apply the patch to the prepared skin.Gluing can be several for different parts of the body.

  • Keep the patch for weight loss for at least 20 minutes can be up in the morning, you can on the day.

  • Remove Slim Patch: take over the edge and break away from the skin.Seat vacated by Velcro patch of the best wash and put the cream.


With all the security patches for weight loss, will refrain from their use is necessary for people prone to allergies.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women can not stick this herbal patch.Also, the girls in the menstrual period.

may cause irritation of the skin in people with sensitive skin or covered with wounds, scratches or burns.

result of Slim Patch patch

course, do not expect a momentary effect on the action of Slim Patch (you need the same time to break down fats and withdraw excess fluid).In general, the duration of weight loss depends on the correct use, the amount of weight gained, active lifestyle habits, genetic predisposition, and so on. A standard human obesity less 10─15 kg term correction about a month without exercise in the gym.If Slim Patch to add diet and exercise, you can significantly speed up the process.The question is whether it is not contraindicated for health reasons.

With patches Slim Patch to get rid of excess weight you can comfortably get rid of cellulite for some days 14─20 and tidy skin.

For best results, it is desirable to exclude from the diet of flour, sweet, fat.Do not load up after 8pm.The complex use additional means for weight loss, such as diet drink Chokolate Slim, liquid brown seeds Chia and others.Move more.

real reviews of Slim Patch

popular are many slimming.Especially people like all kinds of innovations in this area, although suspicious of him (this is a paradox).A reference in the field of supply, quality and efficiency can serve as both positive and negative reviews people have already used the patches for weight loss Slim Patch:

Masha, 24 years

There was a nasty cellulite on the abdomen and buttocks.I began to look for information such as, without prejudice to the health cause the figure in order for the summer beach season.Many positive reviews read about an unusual way - Slim patch to correct the shape and weight loss.With skepticism bought one.Leave overnight, but it was enough to see how the skin is tightened at the waist.I bought 4 more immediately and get me a week ... So, I recommend the girls for a quick and safe weight loss.

Nicolas, 29 years

I was so stout in the last year, which made him look much older than his years.I decided now to lose weight, exercise, and finally found a second rug.First I bought the Supplements to the food, which had to be abandoned because of allergies arose immediately.Then a friend suggested some newfangled cocktail - is not caught (causes diarrhea).Now here I found a lot of positive feedback about the unusual way to lose weight is not through the esophagus - the patch Slim Patch.Immediately I liked and bought 10 pieces.Immediately I decided to keep their daily, rather than overnight.The result is that for the week lost 1.5 kg.So the effect is.Plans to connect diet, then exercise.

Svetlana, 43 years

not so easy at my age to get rid of excess weight and lead figure in the order of: active physical exertion contraindicated, some slimming, too, do not go.Only one thing: the diet and weight loss patches.They even can be applied, and not swallow pills with.Just stuck on the night of the shoulders, hips and back, the morning shoot, and so has been 2 weeks, plus a salt-free diet, drink plenty of fluids and eat fruits.Postroynela noticeably during this time, a sense of ease, but the appetite is not lost.With horror, I think what will happen when patches for weight loss Slim Patch end ...

Veronica, 29 years

Here's my review for this real scam - Slim Patch Chinese production: strongly expressed smell, like the smell of stars.Keeps the patch well, you can even be rinsed with it, if not to use a washcloth, then the patch will not get anywhere (but swimming with him is impossible, as no effect at all, and will absorb all the water will wash away).But with skin cream + best not applied - will not stay.Result: I was glued to the night - one below the navel, and on day two at the hip (one on each thigh).With such a rate me two packs enough for a week.The result was not at all.:( That's good, that though these patches for a "slimming" very cheap.


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