latest development in the field of cosmetology - Almased Vitalkost 500 g product for a natural diet, weight loss, rehabilitation - Almased powder, with a rich composition (vitamins, acids, micro and macro), balanced and healthy.Manufacturer in Germany confirms its quality certificates and argues that the cocktail completely natural, containing no fillers, additives, gluten, GMO, sugar and preservatives.In addition to weight loss, you will improve your health, you feel like coming to tone the body.Using its properties can be anyone.
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Almased price and where to buy?

Where to buy Almased I will not prompt me he got an acquaintance from my friend that is studying in Germany, she recommended it to me and I was satisfied.I think you can look on the Internet and order a home delivery.German company produces Almased Wellness in jars of 500 g, the consistency of dry yellow powder (there are packing bags for a single dose).After searching on the internet pr
ices, on average, came to the conclusion that:

Price Almased Vitalkost 500 g (Bank):

  • in Germany - 15.99 EUR
  • in Russia - 1600 rubles
  • in Ukraine - 680 UAH.
  • in Kazakhstan - 6800 tenge
  • in Belarus - 440 000 BYR.

Properties Almased Vitalkost

German scientist, Doctor of Medicine tested the slimming cocktail Almased.The subjects (men and women) for a period of 32 weeks receiving ate 50 grams (five of Art. Spoons) of powder daily.This helped them to maintain the "right" level of blood sugar and insulin.For healthy digestion 7─8 months they lost weight on 5,5─8,2 kg, and the rate of blood constituents supported only the beginning of the 26th week.

Properties Almased Vitalkost

Everyone who experienced the effect of Almased Vitalkost cocktail slimming 6 months daily 50 g, 2 times - the first 6 weeks, then 18 weeks at once, lose weight could dramatically, passed obesity, loss of muscle tissue was observed.Among all those who have to consume a cocktail Almased connected exercise, I do not feel exhausted, but on the contrary, felt a surge of vitality.

With Almased Vitalkost during the year experienced by people with obesity and women in menopause.The scheme was used as in the second case, only longer.It noted: weight loss, normalization of lipid (cholesterol), the average level observed in blood pressure, glucose, triglycerides.

Dietary bezglyuteinovy ​​cocktail Almased diet can make everything complete, those who are on a diet, vegetarians, athletes, the elderly, the young, regardless of gender.

Natural composition cocktail slimming Almased Vitalkost

Almased Vitalkost 500 g on the kind of fine powder containing enzymes, honey, high quality soy, skim milk yogurt.Diluting it with fluid, you get a drink with a high content of biotin, folic acid, vitamins B, E, C, D and A, minerals, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, selenium, copper, and others.

The composition of the diet cocktail Almased Vitalkost Compositionslimming cocktail Almased Vitalkost

Almased Vitalkost shake for weight loss and the majority of these products is filled with construction material - protein.The body it is easy to digest and leave a feeling of satiety for a long time.Low glycemic index (if someone does say something) indicates the effect of food on the level of insulin and sugar.It is good that the level is kept low becauseburned fat cells better preserve muscle fiber untouched.

There is one secret, designed for weight loss.Scientists have recently discovered new hormones - ghrelin, leptin and that affect our appetite.The lower levels of leptin, the higher appetite and ghrelin also called hunger hormone regulates digestion.In Almased they also play a role and contain blocker appetite.

Calorie one portion Almased Vitalkost cocktail (50 g powder per 100 ml water) 90 kcal.

Dosing cocktail slimming Almased

Dosing cocktail slimming Almased

Almased Vitalkost German manufacturers recommend 14-day rehabilitation program.Instructions receive consists of four phases and the sequence of receiving the following:

  1. 1 to 3 day need to drink a cocktail slimming Almased Vitalkost thrice daily.This phase of the activation of metabolism.And follow yet another rule: eliminate from the diet of carbohydrates (cereals, flour, sweets, beer and fruit drinks).

  2. From the 4th to the 7th day of a cocktail drink in the morning and evening.At lunch include carbohydrate-free food.This may be, for example, chicken (boiled) and the same boiled vegetables.Be sure to drink plenty of up to 3 liters per day.It is better to drink mineral water, not soda.Depending on the need to lose weight more second phase can last up to 6 weeks in the same mode (without carbohydrates).

  3. This stabilization time.From the 8th to the 10th day, you drink a cocktail Almased Vitalkost only in the evening and in the morning and evening, eat a light meal.

  4. From the 11th to the 14th day comes the final fourth phase.Who decides - the young man and a beautiful body.In these days of normal eating, full, and drink a cocktail at any time of the day.


Cocktails slimming Almased Vitalkost in bags of 50 g
Pictured Almased in bags of 50 g

If we stick to the proposed recommendations for use Almased Vitalkost, the changes will be visible in the next day or two: subside edema, restore normalsleep, fill the cells of oxygen and because of this, the skin will get a fresh new look and more.But most importantly, to strive for the acquirer Almaseda is to lose weight and become leaner as a result received.

Contraindications Almased

Cocktail can be used for weight loss and high blood pressure diabetes of the second type.With care to weight loss with Almased Vitalkost need to treat people with individual intolerance of the product.And it is quite likely - honey.

Almased can be taken during pregnancy and breast-feeding!

Do not rush to immediately begin a program of 14 days.Try to drink a cocktail and watch a portion of the impact.

reviews Almased Vitalkost

Reviews of Almased Vitalkost reviews Almased Vitalkost

product Almased Vitalkost young, and not everyone was able to try it, to share a variety of reviews.But if we want not just good or bad reviews, and constructive, you need to dig.There are people who have resorted to the only means of Almaseda and are always glad to German goods, naturally read in this case, about the German quality and positive feedback.There are buyers who have failed to lose weight quickly, and exhausting carbohydrate-free diet is not for them, they will say a negative word about your cocktail diet.Prepare yourself immediately (before purchase) that will have to restrict your diet and move away from the usual supply.

Lyudmila, 45 years

Trying to lose weight is diverse: the games in nature, and starvation, and yoga, and even smoked.What I did not tried, but the weight or decreased or go, but not for long.I decided to take an expensive way, but to me it seemed convincing.Almased Vitalkost bought and began to drink this cocktail to 3 times a week, then a month to 2 cups and one glass until it dropped to 20 kg.Now still I drink it from time to time.Not bad right?I'm afraid to get better again.

Vasily, 30 years

married - and immediately put on weight.How to lose a family fortune is now I'll never know, his wife is preparing a tasty and not going anywhere.I came up with a job, which will not leave for lunch.Drink cocktail Almased Vitalkost and evening dinner with family.We were able to lose weight.

Inna, 22 years old

I look like a dad and never forget that I fail to lose weight.I'm not particularly trying, although I saw brown liquid, I managed to lose 4─5 kg a month, but stopped drinking it, and again recovered.But read about German Almased Vitalkost, then it seemed to me it is not difficult to take, and also if you do not lose weight, do not earn even diabetes.I began to drink all the instructions.The first time longed to have and something tasty.But after 2 weeks this feeling subsided and everything went like clockwork.I became much slimmer belly fat is gone and shoulders.It became easier to move around and in general there are more opportunities.In total it took me 5 months.It's a long, expensive, but effective.

Video instructions on how to dilute and drink Almased powder:

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