There are many ways to cook this mask to soften the skin, I will share with you precisely those recipes, moisturizing properties are most useful for the face.To prepare a face mask of curd in 3 different interpretations, you will need even some products that also have wetting properties of the skin, it is very helpful for a person, due to the natural content of vitamins and minerals.

Not only masks, there are other treatments that will rejuvenate and refresh the skin of your face.

If you have dry skin of the face using 19-23% fat cottage cheese in cooking masks of cheese for a person with a deep moisturizing effect.If the curd is too thick, it can be diluted with other dairy products, bringing to a comfortable-to-use consistency, as is done in the recipe mask №1.

moisturizing mask for dry skin:

№1. Ingredients: TVO-g milk (or sour cream, yogurt).
Take one tablespoon of curd and rub with one or two tablespoons of cream, sour cream or whole milk.The resulting mixture was put on clean

face for 20 minutes.After 20 minutes - wash off the mask from the face.

№2. Ingredients: TVO-g, a ripe banana.
Good mash the pulp of banana, then about 1 tablespoon of the resulting slurry mixed with the same amount of TVO-ha (ground to a homogeneous substance) further add to the resulting mass of 2 tablespoons of milk.Apply the mask on your face for 20-25 minutes, then wash off with warm water.This mask of curd face perfectly refreshes the skin.

moisturizing masks for all skin types:

№3. Ingredients: tvorozh th mass and green tea.
This mask perfectly tones and nourishes - suitable for any skin.
Brew a strong green tea, cool.Then take 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese and mix with the same amount of tea leaves of green tea.Apply the resulting mask on clean face for 15 minutes.Then wash off with water temperature comfortable for the person.

moisturizing facial mask is a very useful procedure, which should be done at least 1 time per week if you have dry skin.Since moisturizing mask, it must be remembered that people with inflammation of the skin they can not be used.As fat which enters the pores is able to provoke a gain multiplication of bacteria on the inflamed sites.

masks, moisturizing the skin, is also very useful for a person if you inadvertently burned in the sun.These masks will help "calm" because of redness and moisturizing ingredients accelerate the regeneration of cells, the damaged top layer of skin.

Remember, if you follow the skin, UNDERSTANDING YOUR SKIN TYPE , know the features of skin reactions to different weather conditions, cosmetics, etc.You can choose the best set for REJUVENATION skin in perfect condition.