Those representatives of the beautiful half of society who care about their health and figure, know the truth.Fitness works miracles in life and plays an important role.Women with a strong position of fitness are not afraid of fears about strength training.They act and achieve results.

reserve time between exercise and food

food - it is a source of nutrients that are essential for effective and valuable work.More of our ancestors talked about the employee: how to eat and work.

If interpreted as an exercise to work on themselves, the issue that is before the exercise is especially important.But before you decide to answer another important logical question: how long before classes in the gym you can have?

Experts in nutrition recommend to stick to a rational mode of eating is better for two to three hours before exercise.

People with individual characteristics of the body relative to the reception meal, make the schedule, taking into account their needs.

Fitness power can be used for 15-30 min

utes before the start.The volume of the product should not exceed 250 g and the combination of protein and carbohydrate should be balanced.The ideal option may also be a few crackers, a teaspoon of raisins and bread.They will give courage, strength and energy for work and absolutely no harm.

consider carbohydrates, fats, proteins

They enter the human body after each meal.Therefore, we try to come to an understanding of topics: what to eat before a workout in terms of calorie content of conventional foods and sports nutrition.

This is what happens:

  • 1. Fats should not be used to fitness training.They are considered severe food slowly digested in the stomach, so contraindicated.
  • 2. Carbohydrates - the main source of quick and useful energy.They need the muscles and the brain, so they must necessarily take.
  • 3. Proteins that take before exercise, do not provide the body with extra energy.But they are a source of amino acids.They are needed for muscle growth.
  • 4. Protein, which is in sports nutrition and contains high quality protein, contributes to effective increase in muscle mass.The use of L-carnitine with the lyotropic properties before exercise removes fat and helps to ensure a more energy.

What to eat before a workout or some misconceptions in nutrition

For training it is important that it has gone well and productively.This is important for cooking.The best way to prepare - the rejection of heavy and fatty foods, as well as reducing its volume.

average portion should not exceed 400 g Ideal for the effectiveness of fitness training lean meat and fish.It is better when they are combined with pasta made from durum wheat, potatoes, bread and cereals.

For convenience, we present you a menu for every day.

Some products are introduced and amateur athletes confusing issue when there is a pre-workout.

Among them:

  • - sugar.This is a simple carbohydrate that contains no vitamins or minerals.But it was he who gives energy.Its excess is deposited in the form of fat.It is better to eat before a workout raisins or dark chocolate;
  • - Banana is a source of energy and good mood.In it there are many beneficial vitamins, minerals, fiber and fructose.Bananas can and should eat before training and after it;
  • - cheese is popular among athletes as a source of protein.But it is a long time to digest, so it should be eaten in small amounts up to 5 hours of fitness or after;
  • - boiled eggs.Their protein is better absorbed than raw.It effectively consumed after exercise;
  • - raw eggs.Their use is exaggerated.But we know that much more useful raw egg yolk jam.Raw eggs are recommended to use after exercise.This improves protein synthesis and helps to restore the body.

Maintaining a balance between productivity fitness training and nutrition - is to get a great result.Every woman can look like a slender, beautiful, happy when using the knowledge that has before training, and applies them in practice.