Ranking of the best Soviet films about the war of 1941-1945.

feat of the Russian people is embodied in a number of films made in the Soviet era and in modern war movies.It is our duty to bring the sacred memory of the great victory over fascism to our children.That in turn, they had been able to tell their children about the valor and honor the courage and heroism of our soldiers and officers, about the exploits of the people who lived in the rear.Movies about the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.help us to preserve and transmit the memory.Let's watch these movies with the whole family!

best Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War 1 to 10 positions - overcame the TOP 70

In continuation of the rating, predstavyalem you the following moviesWar of 1941-1945 .:

Roadside checks

11. "Check on the roads."Rating 8.2 (1971)

winter, the 42-year on Nazi-occupied territory of Russia, acts guerrilla unit.Food was over, the detachment commander decides to capture the enemy train with food.The o

peration is trusted repentant policeman Lazarus.But can we trust him?

Descended from heaven

12. "descended from heaven" rating of 8.1 (1986)

Starring in the film, played by Alexander Abdulov and Vera Glagolev.The postwar years were a young couple living in a peaceful and happy weekdays, grown son.But their memories ... something wrong with them.The climax of the film moves to the far '42 in Adzhimushkayskie catacombs.Fierce fighting in which many die.The question arises - whether in fact survived the protagonists of the film?

My dear man

13. "My dear man," Rating of 8.1 (1958)

main role in the film played by Alexei Batalov.A film about the great love and war.Before the war, the doctor falls in love with Vladimir Volodya vzabalmashnuyu girl Varya.Their uneasy relationship terminates war.A new meeting takes place in the hospital where Vladimir military doctors will operate on her true love Varya.

Belorussky Train Station

14. "Belarusian railway station."Rating 8.1 (1971)

film about memories of the war years.Four comrades parted at the Belorussky railway station 25 years ago, back in the 45th year.The reason for the meeting was the death of their brother-soldier.They accompanied him on his last journey and remember the war years.

Goodbye boys

15. "Goodbye Boys" rating of 8.1 (1964)

Movies on pre-war years.About friendship of three boys.About how they experience first love, pondering the meaning of life.But soon this young life filled with hope will interrupt the war.

Twenty Days Without War

16. "Twenty Days Without War".Rating 8.1 (1976)

Another film based on the scenario of the famous Soviet writer Konstantin Simonov.The 42-year military journalist is sent to Tashkent, the shooting of the film, he sketches the military.He compares a peaceful life with the realities of war deafening.Despite the war, life goes on, and just short of 20 days of peaceful frontline journalist manages to survive a bright love.

Zhenya, Zhenya and Katyusha

17. "Zhenya, Zhenya and Katyusha" rating of 8.0 (1967)

One of the most touching pictures of the war.About love intelligent soldier Eugene Kolyshkina to severe signaller Regiment Katyusha Zhenechka Zemlyanikin.Their feelings flare up during the war.As a consequence, they are found already in Berlin.Joyful meeting, ending the tragic death of the girl.

Hot Snow

18. "Hot Snow".Rating 8.0 (1972)

film about the heroic battle of our soldiers at Stalingrad.In whatever they needed was to stop the advance of armored troops, abandoned by the Nazis for a breakthrough, surrounded by German forces.Knotted bloody battle.As a result of the military operation from a battery of Russian soldiers survived only seven.For courage and heroism they are awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

Born Twice

19. "twice born".Rating 8.0 (1983)

in the waters of the White Sea in the spring of '42 steamer with wounded soldiers came under fire of enemy planes.Ship crashes, kills almost everyone.Only the young recruits manage to escape from the persecution of the German ace.

Sign of Misfortune

20. "Sign of Misfortune."Rating 8.0 (1987)

film is based on the story of the famous Soviet writer Vasily Bykov.The Belarusian village come the Germans.Elderly wife trying to resist the abuse of policemen.As a result, the husband dies, the wife sets fire to his hut with him.

The state border Film 5. Forty-First Year

21. "The state border film 5. year forty-one."Rating 7.9 (1986)

film about the heroism of Soviet border guards.In the 41 th year on the border with Poland by the Germans are constant provocations.One of the Russian lieutenants despite the ban command, responsible fire on another enemy provocation.For failure to comply with his order should be removed from office, but then the war begins.Soviet border guards with their lives delay the onset of the enemy troops.

It was the month of May

22. "It was the month of May" rating of 7.9 (1970)

war is over, a group of Soviet soldiers stopped in a German village.In consequence, they stumble upon a concentration camp and crematorium ovens.Meeting with German prisoners tell about the lives of civilians in Germany during the war years, suggestive.Fascism, Germany and homeland for them is not the same concept.

Summer trip to the sea 23. "Summer trip to the sea" rating of 7.9 (1978)

In 1942, a group of students sent to the new land for food equipment bases for shipwrecked sailors.Suddenly, the Germans landed on the island.Peace Mission high school goes to war, now they have to take up arms.


24. "Scouts".Rating 7.9 (1968)

famous film director and writer Leonid Bykov.The film is set in wartime.The Danube River was mined by the Germans.The coastal city was left without food.The only way to save it is to get the population to Soviet ships with food, which are located in the lower reaches of the river.Military intelligence to be a dangerous mission to get the enemy to map the location of mines.


25. "Torpedo".Rating 7.9 (1983)

film about the Great Patriotic War.44- year.On the arctic airfield located Polga naval aviation.Military pilots perform combat missions, risking their lives every day.

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