And, of course, shopping.Shopping in Spain - is not just a purchase, it's a lifestyle, a great opportunity to spend your time, chat, haggle and save a very significant amount of money.

Shopping in Spain - are studying the best places

Great shopping in Spain is possible in almost any city, whether it is a huge metropolis or small village.

Yet, the greatest demand among tourists are the cities of:

Madrid - shopping in Spain is to begin in the capital.Here, a wide assortment of different products of world famous brands and local artisans.

Those who wish to save money, you should pay special attention to the "flea" markets and outlet Las Rozas Village, offering branded items at great discount prices;

Barcelona - another city that is worth visiting, planning shopping in Spain.Shopping in Barcelona is really exciting and profitable occupation.

More than 3 thousands of boutiques and shops, shopping centers and markets.This is a paradise for shopaholics.Special attention is paid to the Go

thic quarter, near the Rambla - is the number of outlets just yet rolls;

Tarragona - are concentrated in a large number of a variety of boutiques and shopping centers, many of which operate seven days a week and the daily midday break - siesta;
Malaga - if you want to shopping in Spain, do you remember for a long time, visit the city.It is here that is one of the oldest shopping centers in Spain - Felix, an open back in the 19th century;

Reus - a small town, lets look at shopping in Spain from a different angle.On a relatively small area are a huge number of shops - from large shopping malls to small shops where you can buy anything your heart desires;

Salou - a great place to buy genuine Spanish souvenirs, and, at low prices.

But Spain is not the only continent - will be waiting for the exciting shopping and the Canary Islands.

Shopping in Spain

Shopping in Spain - that bring home

But what is most famous for the country, so what attracts many tourists from around the world, what souvenirs and gifts should pay attention in the first place?

So, shopping in Spain must include:
* Wine - many Spanish drinks deserve attention, including sherry, madeira and liqueurs.
buy them is not in stores or supermarkets, but directly to the winery.

here and the price is pleasant, 5 euros for a bottle of good wine, and you can try the product before buying;

Shopping in Spain
* Food - shopping in Spain without buying the well-known and revered ham or olive oil, and not shopping at all.Also, you should pay special attention to the different types of cheese and olives.Believe me, this vkusnoty you do not buy anywhere else;

Shopping in Spain
* Leather - belts, bags, wallets and other goods from natural leather by Spanish artisans are renowned throughout the world.At the same time, in spite of very high quality, the price of the product rather democratic;

* Shoes and Clothing - selection of such products is quite wide.Moreover, both European and local producers.When planning shopping in Spain, you want to save a little, well worth a visit sales.For a relatively small amount, you can buy a really high quality and branded items;

Shopping in Spain
* Souvenirs - in each of the Spanish autonomous regions have their own, unique souvenirs, inherent only to this area.If we talk in general, here are the most popular variety of figurines of bulls and dancing beauties.

also quite in demand fan edged weapons.If your shopping in Spain devoted to souvenirs, be sure to visit the Rastro market in Madrid - offers reasonable prices and a wide variety of goods.

Shopping in Spain

seasonal sales and payment of purchases
go shopping at any time of the year, but the most profitable shopping in Spain comes during sales - year, which starts in early July and ends on the eve of Septemberor winter, the beginning of which occurs at the beginning of January and the end - on the first day of spring.

At this time, you can get quite serious offer even branded products - from 20 to 70 percent.But remember, the closer the end of the season sales, the higher prices and less goods in the stores, so hurry.

purchases can be carried out in cash and bank cards, checks are not very popular.

Going on shopping in Spain do not take a dollar - the currency is not very popular, and the exchange rate of the euro is not profitable.

Good luck shopping!