Many moms, especially pervorodki, having heard that pregnancy lasts exactly 40 weeks, terrified by the fact that labor in this period has not yet come.

In fact, only 4% of pregnant women can be glad that it 40 weeks of pregnancy introduced them to the little boy and little daughter.

In reality, any physician (not just gynecologist) knows that the deviation from the set date of delivery in 2 weeks - a common phenomenon.

simply to calculate the day "X" at physicians decided to use the term "maternity period," and he is considered the first day of the last menstrual period, and not the actual conception.

Therefore, do not worry, the baby will come exactly when necessary, not when the doctor figured.

So for your crumbs 40 week of pregnancy will not necessarily last.It is possible and 41 weeks of pregnancy.

But the appearance in the best of worlds, he is already quite mature.

However, nervous and skeletal systems will be developed for a long time (25 years!), So no cause for concern.

How is the baby

In the intestine kid collect enough cannon and dead skin cells that are dropping out, got into the amniotic fluid and the baby swallow them.

And it is absolutely normal.

At this time, the hormone estrogen rampaged my mother, and the little, as a result, bulging breasts.

Such term Malyshok reaches about 3500 g in weight and 54 cm in length.Although this average figure, because the genetics has not been canceled!

Generally speaking, 40 week of pregnancy for the baby - a "close" period.

may be due to lack of space, but a great desire to fool around, it is increasingly moving handles-legs.

But if the baby quieted down or on the contrary, over-active, tell your doctor immediately, the curator.

And suddenly the reason for this behavior - a lack of oxygen to the baby, to avoid hypoxia doctor may decide to encourage childbirth.

In this case, do not resist such a decision - the expert knows best.

40 weeks of pregnancy: waiting for a miracle

For moms 40 weeks of pregnancy promises continued back pain and joint pain.

causes of these symptoms are the same - a woman's body prepares the birth canal.

way, if the pain is given in the arm or leg, then this is considered normal.

Well, what can I do, after all ate the same pramatushka Eve beautiful apple - that celebrates the covenant: "In the throes will bear his child."

Although in fairness say the meal is not as scary as they talk, or who gave birth to a second or third child?

therefore, important not to be afraid!

and unpleasant symptoms, and the same pain in the perineum, and the nagging feeling in the abdomen, and his hardening - is not the worst thing that happens in life.

After the baby increases the pressure head on the pelvic floor, and from that you are not comfortable.

Sometimes there is pain in the sacrum - pinch the femoral nerve.All your feelings Tell your doctor, because among them it can detect the harbingers of sorts.

40 weeks of pregnancy opens and softens the uterus.

mucus away from the walls of the vagina.Gradually or at one time may move the mucus plug, like a lump with a splash of blood.

But if the discharge has a bad smell, then immediately to the doctor!In this case, a high probability of infection, which is very bad for the baby during childbirth.

After investigation, the doctor will make the appointment, which will help prevent the infection remains.

40 weeks of pregnancy can become generic and spotting my mother.This is the first sign of detachment of the placenta, which is also fraught with the baby.

therefore urgently call "soon", and no doubt go to the hospital!

And copious watery say that water broke.

Here there's also no time for jokes - without delay, call me an ambulance, because anhydrous among kids did not last long, even if moms are no fights.

stimulate the hospital births, and the joy of meeting with a small rodnushey come in a few hours.

Now let's talk about the intima.

Even 40 week of pregnancy is not a contraindication to amorous pleasures in its normal course.

Therefore, do not hesitate talking about this with your doctor.And if he will allow, can safely have sex.

Especially that semen contains prostaglandins, which are successfully softened uterine wall.

Yeah, well, you hard - swelling, weight gain, pain, insomnia, and anxieties.You know, it's all temporary, that any day now cease.

See full calendar berememennosti.

And as a reward for the inconvenience all your life you will be the most important person in your life - the best baby in the world!