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International School of Design image Bogomolov 'Image School created and exists for the purpose of making the world more beautiful

headquarters of the School is located in Riga (Latvia), branch offices - in Russia, Lithuania, Belarus and Moldova.Graduates «Bogomolov 'Image School» - qualified stylists and image designers and successful professionals.Many of them claimed personal shopper, who work in Russia, Milan, Paris and New York.

Among them is fashion editor of such famous titles as L'Officiel (Latvia), stylists television show "Fashion sentence" (1 channel), «Comedy Club» (TNT), "Remove it immediately" (TNT) and "Complex usefulness "ID" Evening Moscow ".
The school
quality of education and the learning process interesting built attracts every year more and more students.
This year's graduates of the Moscow branch schools have 37 people.

This is unprecedented in the history of the schools image design!For four years, namely

for so many years working branch in Moscow, at the School were partners and friends.

his clothes and shoes for the photo shoot of shops known brands: Marks and Spencer, «Snow Queen», Mango, Naf-naf, Marko Polo, Desigual, Jeans symphony, H & amp; M, Next, RIVER ISLAND, Colin's, Centro,Tsentrobuv, Accessorize and Monsoon, Alba shoes and many others.
The school
Information support is provided by such publications as the weekly magazine "Between Us Women" magazine Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, magazine and portal «Season of Beauty», Nail Service magazine, "their rights" portal "strange beauty" and, withEach of the editions School builds a special project that attracts readers.

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The students get a thorough knowledge about the profession's image designer and are preparing to work with individuals, learn to project an associative way, the idea to create the image, work in a team.

Attend workshops, learning the basics of composition, psychology and many other disciplines, as well as listen to the theoretical seminars that he reads Konstantin Bogomolov, the founder of the school Bogomolov 'Image School.

diploma work takes the form of practical tasks and is titled "Transformation".Students demonstrate the skills of their diplomas transformation of ordinary people in bright stylish beauties and handsome.

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How it works:

  • month before the session, students graduate course on information resources of the project partners, "Transformation" published announcement of the recruitment of participants.In 2014 to become project participants expressed their desire to more than 200 people in the age range from 18 to 65 years!As a result of 18 participants were selected.

  • Within a week, the school's graduates have developed a new concept for the participants, amounted to dressing capsule, visited the shops to pick up clothes, made a new hairstyle and makeup.The results were decorated in a presentation and presented to the public on Friday, April 18 at the final examination.

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The results of students in Moscow can be found on the pages of media partners magazine "Between Us Women" and the portal "their rights", where he will appear the first publications in the format of "before" and "after", with a historyparticipants and rationale for the choice made for them the image of designers.

Diploma graduate schools allow you to work in a variety of sectors: advertising, show business, the fashion industry, working with private clients.

Photographer Anna "Anna Pa studio"


School Konstantin Bogomolov Head - PhD, image designer and fashion analyst, developer of the theory of associative design for more than 12 years by its author, a uniquemethod for the study of professional image designers.

next group of students Bogomolov 'Image School will begin training in September.And for the very eager to listen to one seminar, part of a required course of study can already be May 19.Seminar "Professional Image Design: Working in the fashion industry," reads the director and founder of Bogomolov 'Image School Konstantin Bogomolov at the center of professional make-up and make-up Make-Up Atelier Moscow.

spokesman Bogomolov 'Image School in Russia:
Address: Rostov-on-Don, Sholokhov avenue 11-19A, of 203
Tel .: 8 (863) 261-85-81

Contact for applicants: Olga Shevchenko, tel: (499) 748-94-39, e-mail:
Contact for media partners: Maria Slastenkina,
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