1. deaf woman

Village enterprising man decided to earn some money and bought a batch of well-known author Zaraeva horoscopes.By selling some copies, he came to the fence, behind which he saw an elderly lady and decided to offer her, too:
- Want to, purchase Zaraeva horoscope?
- I have a barn - the woman said.A man
little louder:
- You probably do not understand, I suggest HOROSCOPE Zaraeva!
- Yes, I've got a barn!
Entrepreneur repeats louder, and so a few times.But gets similar answers.15 times get the answer, angry man shouting grandmother:
- Yeah, you go to hell with your barn !!!
- And you with your horoscope!

2. Successful zodiac sign

Three girlfriends discuss gifts for birthdays of their husbands.The first says:
- My husband Sagittarius, I'll give him a gun.
- And my fish, I buy an aquarium - picks up the theme of the second.
- And my husband Capricorn - what can I give him?

3. We need time to read the horoscope!

Late in the evening the young girl returns home.It goes through the park

.Suddenly raid a few thugs, collected her purse, cell phone taken, nadrugivayutsya and hide in the dark.Girl gets fumbles in his pockets, pulls out calendars and long looks at him.Then her face illumined and she exclaims:
So en-tit!All right!The moon is in Scorpio!

4. Valuable experience

The seminar psychics, astrologers experienced teaches young:
- most importantly do not let the bad and very accurate predictions.For example, yesterday I asked the client about his victory in the elections.And I told him: "If you're going to operate actively and aggressively and not turn away the face of difficulties, then win.But it all depends on you! ยป
The next day, the young man comes to astrologer and asks:
- soon will go into the world, my mother-in-law?
- Well, if you'll be persistent and be active, not retreat before difficulties - then soon.But it all depends on you ...

5. fortune teller lied

talk to two men:
- fortune teller predicted to me that spring will come March 1.
- And you believed her?
- No, I'm from Australia!

6. Truthful crystal

man comes to the clairvoyant, and attentively listening to her.That looking at the crystal mutters:
- My Crystal says - you are the father of two children.
man interrupts:
- You want to say three!
Clairvoyant smiling enigmatically:
- No, it is you want to say so!

What do you interesting things in life have foretold?Do you believe the horoscope, or predictions?