Master Dreamcatcher own hands

What Dreamcatcher

Before we tell you how to make a dream catcher with his hands, a short story about this talisman of good dreams.

Dreamcatcher appeared in those days, when North America was inhabited by various Indian tribes.He was hung at the head of the bed to protect sleepers from evil spirits, which, as the Indians believed in a dream.

several centuries Dreamcatcher was forgotten, like so much of the culture of Native Americans.Information and interest Dreamcatcher arose after the appearance on the screens of the movie based on the work of Stephen King's "Dreamcatcher."

Now Dreamcatcher as a mascot, which drives away from the sleeping man bad dreams and draws him good, you can buy almost any souvenir shops in Europe and America.In Russia, this amulet dreams still not too widespread, it is not aware of anything and find it to buy is difficult.

Why make your own hands dreamcatcher better than buy

Why buy when you can make a dream catcher with his hands.Fi

rstly, it is not too difficult, and secondly, any talismans, protecting the house, bringing luck, any family charms, better to do with your hands, if possible.While working on this part of the mascot absorbs the aura and energy of this man, and it turns out not faceless souvenir, and an amulet, charged with positive energy to the person who made it, and at home, where it is produced.

And one more important condition, if you decide to make a dream catcher with his own hands, starting to work, you need to banish from his mind all the bad thoughts, do not be annoyed, if not all will be immediately obtained.

All the negative aura of your consciousness, if it is present in the manufacture of dreamcatcher with their hands, will be absorbed into the mascot, and instead to protect the dream, it is at best, not work, at worst, will not prevent bad dreams.

Dreamcatcher hands - the manufacturing process

What need raw materials and tools

  • Scissors
  • transparent, fast-drying glue
  • branches to wrap or any wrap
  • Durable cord diameter of 3 mm and a length - 12 m
  • strong thread or fishing line
  • beads, jewelry, weaving for them in a web of
  • feathers of birds (1 or 3 or 7).

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Procedure for the manufacture of dreamcatcher own hands

The first thing to do, for the manufacture of the Dreamcatcherwith his hands, it's a hoop

It can be created from any flexible branches.It is best suited for this willow branches, they are easy to bend and do not break when dry.Bend branch in the form of a circle and fasten the ends of the staples or tightly bind the thread.

circle diameter should be about 15-20 centimeters.If you do not want or you can not make it out of the branches, you can take any ready hoop, such as embroidery frame, but it is desirable that it be made of natural material.

Tie a knot the cord on the circle, leaving one end of the long and the other about 15 centimeters.If the node slides along the circumference, secure it with glue.Near the site firmly tie the thread to the web.And start winding round the long end of the cord, trying to lay the cord coils close to each other.

Thus, the entire circumference of the wound, the cord is a node.Again, do a site from the end of the cord, which is wrapped a circle, you can also secure it with glue.The second end of the cord should be slightly longer than the first end, approximately 5-7 centimeters.If it turned out much longer, cut the other end of the cord to the desired length.The first phase of the work, titled "Dreamcatcher make their own hands" finished.

next stage of work "to make a dream catcher with their hands" will be weaving a web

This stage is more complex, it requires patience, precision and care, as the work is more laborious.Winding thread that is tied around the node circle (2-3 wrapping) and make a loop of thread on it.Tighten it so that the thread tightly stretched between the node and the loop.

Again circle thread winding 2-3, and again make a loop of thread on it.These actions are repeated as long as the first row of the web is complete.Try to keep the distance between the loops were identical and thread taut, then the web will look more beautiful.

During the first row of weaving webs can be inserted into the threads beads, small figurines of animals, beautiful stones, ornaments of all kinds, if they have something to attach to the threads.

When completed the first series of the web, and it turned tightrope with the same cells, we can say that half the work "to make a dream catcher with their hands", successfully completed.The following series of web trailing just as well as the first row, only the loop has tightened in the hoop, and the cells of the web.The hinges need not tie at the ends of the cell, and in the middle of it.

Thus vyvyazyvayut second row of the web, the next, and so, until we reach the center of the circle.During weaving, strung on a thread as beads and other jewelry, they must be different in size, color, and strung chaotic.When the web dovyazana to the center of the circle, do not tighten the thread loop and complete assembly, cut the end of the thread and fix the assembly adhesive.

If vyvyazyvaya cell web, you saw to it that the thread was stretched tight, then you should have a circle, exactly laced with cobwebs, it should not sag.The main part of the work "to make a dream catcher with his own hands" is completed.

last phase of work "to make a dream catcher with their hands" - a production of the so-called "tailĀ»

Feathers for dreamcatcher can be, in principle, from any birds, better, of course, from the forest than from home.For beauty, if they are plain, they can be painted in different colors.But one condition is unchanged - it must be the feathers obtained from live birds, for example, during molting.Feathers plucked from the dead carcasses of birds, have poor energy, as well as all the dead.

At the beginning of the article said that the feather may be one, or three, or seven.Consider the case with the three feathers.The hoop was two free end of the cord.We bind to the hoop one more segment of the cord length of about 30 centimeters.And at the end of each of the three segments of the cord strung beads or other decorations, securing their hinges.

the end of the cord attach the pen.If the pen is not in the rod hole, it is possible to make the edge of a thin awl heated on the fire.When piercing the heated tip sewed cornea stem oplavitsya pen and get a smooth opening.And it is possible, sticking the pen, just tie a tight knot of his rod, and the pen will be held.

All stages of the work, "how to make a dream catcher with their hands", completed.

Where can hang

Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher, a talisman, which drives away from a person during sleep bad dreams and attracts good, good dreams, so surely he must hang in the bedroom.But it is impossible to weigh on the wall as decoration or painting.Dreamcatcher all sides must surround the empty space, air.

It can be hung on a chandelier or a special mount in the ceiling, closer to the head of the bed.From time to time, on sunny days dreamcatcher desirable for some time to hang out in the open, the sun and fresh air "clean up" its energy.

sweet, kind and pleasant dreams to you with the dream catcher, made with his own hands!

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