For this reason, in this article we have decided not to retell the biography of the famous seer, and talk about the most celebrated her predictions, some of which have already come true, and some might just be true.

So prophecy Vanga:

  • "fear, fear! Brothers American will fall, pecked by birds iron. Wolves howl in the bush, and innocent blood will be shed the River" (1989).

September 11, 2001 terrorist air attack was made.In the US, collapsed, called Didymus, the World Trade Center.Aircraft "iron bird" crashed into the building one by one."From the bush» Bush in English the "bush" in the prediction meant that a tragedy will happen during the Bush presidency.

  • "The world will survive many disasters, strong shocks. Changes the way people's minds. There will come hard times. People are divided on the basis of the faith ..." (date unknown prediction).

We think comments are not relevant here.

  • "We are witnessing a momentous event. Two of the largest world leader shook hands (Wang, apparently hint
    ing at Gorbachev and Reagan). But it will take a lot of time, a lot of water will flow away until the eighth will - he will sign the finalpeace in the world "(January 1988).

This prediction is coming true.In any case, with regard to the "eighth" (Russia has expanded the "big seven").

  • interesting fact is that even in a time when the President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, Wang had talked about the next president, although the name is not called, "It will be quite an unexpected figure." "Everything will melt like ice, only one remainsuntouched - the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russian ... All sweep it out of the way and not only continue, but will be master of the world "(1979).

said it was in Soviet times, when the word "Russia" hardly anyone spoke.About what exactly Vladimir dealt only guess.Interpreters Vanga called three candidates for the role of fateful Vladimir - Prince Vladimir Lenin and Vladimir Putin, he is "the eighth."

  • "In 2018 the train will be flying on wires from the sun. Oil will stop, Earth will rest" (1960).

In 2018 scientists intend to mine the moon Helium-3 - it was announced recently.On the interpretation of an interpretation Vanga, Helium-3 - is the product of solar energy and fuel for a nuclear reactor, which is, in fact, is - small "sun."The reactor will provide electricity "in the wire," and fly the train.

  • "In space, will find life, and it becomes clear how life appeared on Earth" (Date prediction is not known).

While life outside the Earth was not found, we'll see, maybe it's the near future.

Well, the last high-profile prediction that we will leave without comment:

  • "Russia will again become a great empire, especially the spirit of Empire" (date unknown prediction).

and predictions on the calendar Indians mayaya not bode us no harm.