In fact, heat stroke - is the overheating of the body.In this state, the body loses its ability to regulate the normal temperature.As a result of the processes of heat is much worse, and heat dissipation is substantially reduced.This leads to disruption of basic life-support systems, so can cause big health problems and sometimes even result in death.

Causes of heat stroke

most common cause overheating of the body exposed to high temperatures coupled with high humidity air.However, the cause of heat exhaustion can become wearing synthetic or other ill-breathable clothing that prevents the generation of heat by the body.

it also can provoke excessive exercise which leads to thermal shock under direct sunlight for a long stay in a stuffy room, with limited access to fresh air.

greatly increases the probability of heat stroke in the hot days of overeating, excessive alcohol consumption, dehydration, and even fatigue.

particularly prone to overheating of the body older people and children .In the elderly, this is due to the fa

ct that, due to age-related changes there is a weakening of thermoregulation.

propensity of children to overheating of the body due to the fact that they have temperature-control processes are not yet fully formed.Besides heatstroke more at risk of other people who have problems with urinary, endocrine, cardiovascular and respiratory system sosudisoy.

Signs of heat stroke

  • Dizziness, which can be accompanied by a darkening of the eyes, as well as visual hallucinations: flashing or the emergence of points before the eyes, sense of movement foreign objects, etc.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • fever, often up to forty degrees or more.
  • sharp redness.
  • nausea and sometimes vomiting.
  • general weakness.
  • Excessive sweating.
  • fast or, conversely, weakened pulse.
  • Headaches.
  • Unbearable thirst and dry mouth occurs.
  • compresses the pain in the heart.

In very severe cases, the above symptoms of heat stroke can join: convulsions, involuntary urination, loss of consciousness, delirium, cessation of sweating, dilated pupils, rapid blanching of skin, and sometimes coma.

Assisting with heatstroke

When the first symptoms of heat stroke should immediately call an ambulance.Before the arrival of the doctors, the victim is recommended to move to a shady or cool place and provide him with a good access of oxygen, unbuttoning his clothes and stripped him to the waist.After this man should be put on his back, lifted his head a little and try it Treatment of heat stroke cool by any means available.For example, spray the skin with cold water, wrap the body with a damp cloth and place it under the fan.

Also useful for thermal shock imposed on the forehead, neck and occipital region with ice compresses.If it is impossible to get, can be used instead of ice cold bottle of liquid.If the victim is conscious, it should drink cool mineral water or any other drink containing no alcohol and caffeine.This will help cool the body and makes up for a lack of fluid.In such cases, good help valerian tincture diluted with water.

After heat stroke victim within a few days is recommended to avoid surge, exercise and comply with bed rest.It is necessary for the normalization of the milestones of the vital functions of the body and reduce the risk of repeated overheating of the body.