Apple diet question "to such eat to lose weight?" Worries many of the fair sex, weight loss is especially important on the eve of the beach season, when the extra weight and strive to "throw in the eye," people around.By the way, losing weight is not only important from an aesthetic point of view.Overweight - an additional burden to the body, so the use of slimming health is significant.

next factor, exciting girls - fast and effective weight loss.No time to wait, the result is needed within a week.The best solution in this situation would be the apple diet.The benefits of apple has long been known, it is a useful product with a rich vitamin and mineral composition.If a certain period only eat apples (fresh, cookies), you can quickly and easily lose weight at the same time the body will get vitamins, minerals and other necessary substances.

Pros apple diet: minus extra kg

What is so special and the main benefits of apple diet?Firstly, you can take any variety of apples, which do you like most or assemble assor

ted varieties and some use from 1 to 2 kg of apples a day.Second, if the fresh apples you do not like or are already fed up, they can bake, boil, STTS important not to add any other ingredients (sugar, honey, cinnamon, and so on.).Third, another huge advantage - during the apple diet can drink without limitation: water (normal, mineral), tea (preferably green, no sugar), teas herbs, stewed apples or apple juice.You can also enter yogurt or low-fat yogurt, sometimes this option is called kefir-apple diet.An excellent complement that allows to diversify the diet menu will become raw vegetables: carrot, tomato, celery, parsley.With these products you can prepare apple salads, casseroles, mashed potatoes.

not rebuttable Another advantage apple diet - lack of strict conditions.You choose your own diet duration (from one fasting day per week, finishing ten-day course), focusing on the result that you want.Apples can be eaten all day, even after 18.00, the main thing is not right before bedtime.

way the result is worth a special mention.In one day, the diet can be reduced to 1 kg weight.Of course, this approximate result, each individual weight loss will be.It is worth remembering that the greater the initial weight, the more the body loses during the week, leaving the weight of the hardest for those who are already quite thin.But in its quest for perfection girls sometimes do not stop and they are ready to diet and lose weight, even if their weight and so within physiological limits.

Apple diet - reviews of the effectiveness

In an average week apple diet can lose weight by 5-8 kg, someone manages to get results minus 10 kg.Define Formula weight loss does not exist, the body itself is balancing the weight and discards unnecessary.Thousands of members of the fairer sex who have tried the apple diet, speak of it as a very efficient, secure and most importantly fast way to lose weight.

are going to stick to the apple diet, pay attention to some of the features:

- gastritis and ulcerative lesions of the mucous should not use sour apples in the period of acute illness is not worth a diet or to coordinate it with the doctor.
- before eating apples should be carefully washed, as the peel of apples treated with various chemical.compounds that prevent the deterioration of apples;
- in diseases of the thyroid gland, eat whole apples in apple seeds contain iodine.