the uneasy feeling in the pit of concentrated, referred to as nausea, faced everyone.They can cause a variety of reasons: some of the disease, serious infections, brain damage, injury, solar or heat stroke, pregnancy, disorders of the digestive system and, of course, all kinds of poisoning.Nausea, pester man for a long time, should be a serious cause for concern, as it may indicate the development of any serious illness or pathological processes.In this case, be sure to visit the doctor.But more often nausea occurs after excessive consumption of alcohol, with great excitement, disgust with different smells, lung disorders of the stomach, etc.If you are sure that your health is not in danger, to facilitate the state, you can safely use one of the popular recipes.

Mint and Melissa

nausea at home, you can quickly get rid of using the dried leaves of Melissa and mint.To do this, a couple of tablespoons of minced raw must be connected with a glass of boiling water and infuse about thirty minutes.Immediatel

y recommended to drink half of the resulting infusion, if for an hour relief will not come, you should drink the rest.To prevent the tool can be used before each meal for half a tea leaves from nausea

Green tea

good remedy for nausea - green tea.To eliminate unpleasant symptoms it is necessary to drink regularly throughout the day.In addition, to suppress the urge to vomit and get rid of nausea, it is useful to chew the dry green tea.

Dill seeds

are proven to combat nausea, stomach disorders caused by a decoction of dried fennel seeds.To make it to a glass of boiling water is added to a teaspoon of seeds, the mixture does not put a small fire, and brought to a boil.After this means is filtered and cooled.


For mild food poisoning, nausea copes well with the lemon juice diluted with water.To achieve the maximum effect from the treatment of juice, after its adoption is recommended to drink a soda solution (1ch.l soda in a glass of cold water).Also, the unpleasant symptoms can relieve juices made from cranberry, blueberry, rhubarb, celery and cranberries.I am very good and cabbage pickle.

bean trefoil

from frequent nausea and digestive disorders will help get rid of bean trefoil.To prepare means three teaspoons of dried plant must be connected to a half-liter of boiling water and infuse about twelve hours.The medicine used as often as possible for small sips.


quickly deal with poisonings and nausea can dissolve the starch.This tool envelops mucous than protects it from irritation and relieves pain in the stomach.To prepare it in a glass of water sufficient to dissolve a spoon of starch.

Nausea in alcoholic poisoning

If there nausea due to alcohol poisoning, eliminate it, and quickly sober up, the following tools can help:

  • egg whites Ammonia .One hundred milliliters of water mixed with ten drops of alcohol and drink in one gulp means.If necessary, repeat the process no earlier than twenty minutes.
  • cider vinegar .For half a glass of cold water, add a teaspoon of vinegar, and then drink.
  • Egg whites .Separate three eggs whites, mix thoroughly and drink.

collection nausea

Nausea and vomiting will quickly when used for their treatment following the infusion.In equal quantities, mix root Calamus, sandy colors cumin, valerian dosage, oregano, wild rose, coriander fruits.Spoon collection pour a glass of boiling water, then soak it in a water bath for about two minutes.Leave to infuse for an hour, then strain and take half a cup three to five times a day.