Eczema refers to one of the most unpleasant and a lot of inconvenience diseases.Unfortunately, to get rid of it is not so simple.Sometimes this is powerless even conventional medicine and cutting-edge drugs.In such situations, you might come to the aid of folk remedies for eczema.

Celandine eczema

One of the most effective remedies for eczema is celandine.The affected area can be a juice or lubricate it to impose on them a paste of fresh stems and leaves of the plant.Parallel to this is useful to take an infusion of celandine inside.To make it into a glass of boiling water, place a spoonful of crushed celandine.Drink three times a day for 100 ml.

good effect gives celandine ointment .To make it should grind to a powder of dry grass and mix it with five tablespoons of butter or lard.

Dry eczema treated with ointment, prepared from equal parts of copper sulfate, celandine and Vaseline.However, if the skin has open sores, this tool can not be used as it will burn badly.

Potatoes from eczema

Very often for the treatment of eczema at home using potatoes.The affected area can be wet his juice or impose on them a gauze bandage with grated raw vegetable.It is useful to combine this treatment with the adoption Potatoes with eczema potato juice inside.It is worth considering that you need to use only freshly prepared juice.

To enhance the action of a potato it is recommended to combine with honey .A half cup of potato pulp with a spoon of honey connect.Apply the mixture on the gauze layer of not less than one centimeter.Apply to the affected area and secure the bandage on top.Keep the compress for at least two hours.This procedure is desirable to combine with laying on the night of bandages with propolis.

Cabbage eczema

Another fairly common remedy for eczema - cabbage.Its leaves are recommended as frequently as possible to apply to the site of the lesion.Also, you can cook cabbage and compresses :

  • Finely chop or grate the cabbage.Three tablespoons of the resulting raw material mix with one egg protein.Wrap the mixture into the cheesecloth, place the affected area and secure the bandage.Try to do this procedure as often as possible.
  • In wet eczema has a good effect of the paste-cooked cabbage leaves in milk.A few leaves of cabbage pour the milk and boil for about five minutes.Then chop them a blender with a little milk and add bran.After that, you should come out rather thin gruel.It should be used for compresses.

Birch tar eczema

Efficiency birch tar in the fight against skin diseases recognized even conventional medicine.This product is the main ingredient in many drugstore creams and ointments.But with the help of tar can be cooked many home anti eczema : Birch tar

  • Connect a spoonful of tar and cream, add a beaten egg white and mix everything well.Apply to the affected area as an ointment.
  • Mix in a ratio of 1 to 2 protein and tar.Apply resulting mixture on the problem areas and allow it dries.
  • in equal proportions combine tar with badger fat.Get ointment daily treat problem areas.
  • spoonful of tar and apple cider vinegar rub with three tablespoons of cod liver oil.Use as an ointment.

Baths and bath eczema

When eczema is recommended to take a bath with starch.To prepare them dissolve in half a kilogram of starch in cold water.Pour the mixture into a warm bath and take it for about twenty minutes.Carry out the procedure on a daily basis for at least a month.

very useful for eczema and bath tub with sea salt.Once adopted, it is not recommended to wipe the skin, it is better if it dries naturally.

Spoon creolin dissolve in a bucket of warm water.Lower limb into a liquid for twenty minutes.Then allow the skin to dry naturally and apply a nourishing cream on it.Carry out the procedure every day two or three times.

useful to do the bath infusions of herbs and add them to the bath.Eczema is very good mixture with a succession of celandine, birch leaves and buds, yarrow.

other treatments for eczema

  • Garlic ointment .Crush about five cloves of garlic, connect them with a teaspoon of softened butter and honey.Rub into the problem areas daily.
  • treatment of eczema Grape compresses .Dark grape mash thoroughly and chop blederom better.Mass lay on a gauze compress cover the affected area and secure the bandage.Carry out the procedure every day for two hours.
  • Acetic ointment.The bank place, taken in equal quantities, vinegar, water and egg.Close the lid and shake vigorously start.This should be done until the mixture acquires a creamy consistency.
  • compresses mother and stepmother .Chop the fresh plant using grinder, then mix it with a little milk.Before going to bed, apply a remedy to the problem areas, cover it with foil Wrap a cloth and leave overnight.
  • Fir ointment .Three tablespoons goose fat badger or mix with two tablespoons of pine oil.Apply ointment eczema for at least three weeks three times per day.