Prior to a hot time of the year there were only a couple of days and is about to start the beach season.Everyone probably want to get a nice tan and to confidently put on the open orders.But where to take it, if the time to lie in the sun no?And to be "pale toadstool" I do not want to ... Sunburn at home

great way - to get a tan at home.And, between us girls, everything else is a very useful way.

Surely everyone has heard that prolonged exposure to sunlight accelerates the aging of the skin, "pumping" of her precious moisture.And that's not the most lamentable, that can happen, if both should "fry" in the sun ...

tan at home is absolutely harmless, and sunburn you just do not get any.A skin tone can be obtained such as if the whole summer spent in the warm countries!

very simple way to give the skin a golden hue - use tanning.Now these funds in bulk in any cosmetic store or pharmacy.

Practically every cosmetics company includes in its line of skin care means for tanning, so that a search should be no problems.Ta

nning can be found in the form of sprays, creams or gels.The principal difference between them is not present, there is already someone like that.

main thing - do not turn into a "whale"!The application of self-tanning requires more or less skill and accuracy.

Before starting the procedure, use any body scrub and clean the skin.So better to lie and tan longer serve you.

Self-tanning products should be applied to the whole body or any particular place.Try not to overdo it, the cream should be applied uniformly very thin layer.Thoroughly wash your hands after applying the self-tanning.

Sunburn at home Do not rush immediately to dress, give the means to absorb into the skin.After 2-3 hours of wonderful shade will start to show.After the first use, you certainly will not become a mulatto ... Well, thank God, as they say, but it certainly would look unnatural.

This home tan lasts about a week.It is necessary to maintain, repeating the generally pleasant procedure.

Do not be afraid of tanning, it is absolutely harmless cosmetic.It is made based on natural ingredients and essential oils.So along with the tan you get more and moisturizing skin.

But for opponents of cosmetics "of unknown origin", there are home remedies for sunburn.

Who would have thought that if the usual coffee or tea in the morning began to wash, the person will get a tanned look!Wipe the skin should be, you guessed it, when these drinks have cooled off.Better yet cooled dilute strong tea or coffee with water and make ice for washing.Rubbing the face of tea or coffee with ice cubes in the morning and in the evening, you will not only get a wonderful glowing skin tone, but it is great to cheer after a dream or a hard day.Home remedies for sunburn

also with the role of tanning excellent job herbal infusions.They are wonderful caring for your skin, make it smooth and healthy at the same time giving a tan color.This refers to the infusion of chamomile and calendula.Buy this miracle plant can be in every pharmacy.In a glass of water would be enough tablespoon herbs.Brew materials about half an hour.It turns a great lotion for daily care of your face.By the way, these extracts can be poured into molds for ice and used the morning "ice Sun" instead of ordinary water from the tap.

Another good remedy for sunburn - it's all familiar carrot!Carrot has a strong influence pigmented, so be careful.

For dark skin, wipe the skin with carrot juice or make a mask of grated carrots.And do not forget to use it for the "direct" destination - there!Scientists have shown that orange fruits and vegetables affect the complexion, eliminating the pallor.So in the summer in full lean on peaches, apricots, oranges and carrots.

As you can see, not necessarily go to the solarium, or travel to tropical countries, to get a golden skin tone!