One of the most basic means of hygiene is a deodorant, especially now - in the summer.But some, being in the store, and find it difficult to get lost in the choice, because it is huge - what do we get?Let's see how to choose the deodorant and how to use it.How to choose a deodorant

main task of hygienic products - removal of sweat and odor arises.Daily gland rapidly secrete sweat, which helps to maintain the normal temperature of the human body and the body which initially there is no smell.But where then is taken this awful smell?He is due to appear in a liquid medium reproduction of the set of germs and bacteria, which are favorite places are the armpits, feet and private parts.

Types deodorants for different occasions

First aim is the elimination of sprays nasty smell.They do an excellent job with their work - give a sense of freshness and cleanliness.But the owners of sensitive skin is not recommended to use sprays constantly, otherwise there is a risk of allergic reaction.Also, there is a problem of a short life.

Stick - ideal for trips and travel: compact, does not spill and does not crumble.Very low chance of allergies, is that frequent use may cause dryness.

for important evenings are a wonderful option deo-deo-gels and creams that have a pleasant smell.For the armpits and cleavage can use deo-talc, whereby not only the impression satin skin, but is not blooming.Not recommended for dry skin.Unfortunately, this means not everyone can afford.

How to choose dezodrant What problems solves the deodorant-antiperspirant deodorant

helps slow excessive microbial growth, and as a consequence of the removal of objectionable odor, but it does not reduce the profusion sweat secretions.One of the components of each is farnesol or triclosan, which slow down the multiplication of harmful bacteria.Differences have also available: triclosan completely contraindicated for sensitive skin, and farnesol refers to the skin where sparing, because produced by the synthesis of oils, like tuberozovogo (note on light-skinned ladies).

Antiperspirant better cope with the problem of excessive transpiration.Because it consists of aluminum and zinc salts, which ability is a narrowing of the sweat glands.Subsequently released much less sweat and thus reduces the number of germs, that is neutralized by a nasty smell.

Just be careful with the use of antiperspirant - it gradually leads to dry, so do not use it constantly.

If anti-sweating hygienic means do not show their capabilities, see your doctor.After all, the problem may be a symptom of the disease (for example, giperodroz) or metabolic problems.

use deodorant
How to get rid of the smell of sweat

  • funds should not be applied to damp or wet skin, only on a dry and preferably pure;
  • Do not forget to epilate the armpits, so as not to give rise to germs multiply;
  • Daily use of antiperspirants can harm the skin;
  • Do not apply hygiene if you have plans to visit the baths;
  • If skin irritation appears, do not recommend the use of products containing alcohol;
  • Wear clothes that are not too clings and does not compress the area of ​​the armhole;
  • sweating promote strong tea and coffee, spicy food, so limit your consumption of food and beverages.