Actually, this is exactly the case when we can say: size does not matter.Absolutely.Had he been like Cinderella or Fiona like a giantess of the acclaimed movie about the good-natured troll ogre Shrek.But!Any size female legs must be manicured.In particular, round and pink lady pyatochku men should just want to kiss her lips into the middle, soft and smooth as a baby's ass.Or at least give up half the kingdom under the heels, coat of posh white horse, and the beast "Mercedes".Dreaming? .. Then for the cause!Means to mitigate the heels at home

If you have already rushed to the salon for a pedicure, we will not have to slow down: back - look like in the home to make the heel smooth and soft.Is simple enough, does not require special costs, and pleasure - the mass.Well try for yourself!Incidentally, the charge of my grandmother say, that taking care of a woman does not waste energy, and collects it in himself as a fantastic vessel.Amiss then, when, for example, will need all the power to enchant ... the horse that is the prince.

to heel was always well-groomed, you only need one-two-three:

-Never - well, just no-COH-da!- Do not cut the rough skin with a heel with a sharp object (blades, knives, daggers ...), and use a pumice stone, special tёrkami and saws;

-utrom and evening apply special moisturizers and emollients for the feet;

-regular exercise special care for heels - do baths, lotions, scrubs, masks, massages.

Baths for soft heels

most effective means to instantly soften the skin on the heels - it's warm and hot baths with herbs, salt, soap chips or even milk.

Milk bath for soft heels

in a basin of hot water to pour 0.5 liters of milk, and pour a tablespoon of soap chips prepared from children's soap."Soak" in milk heel solution, until the liquid has cooled.Nuance: if the bottom of the basin fill glass beads, it is possible to simultaneously make and massage, rolling, rolling the balls stops here and there.

After milky bath soap on wet heels cause scrub and carefully, without unnecessary effort, rub a pumice stone-sawing a special leg.Rinse feet with cool clean water and immediately apply a moisturizing cream or ordinary olive oil.If the procedure was done at bedtime, then you can go to bed in socks - morning heels will be smooth and silky to the touch.

soap-soda baths for soft heels

This recipe is amiss when a pedicurist not hozheno God knows how long and heels of their appearance reminiscent of the old baked potato with cracked skin.

in hot water for baths pour half a cup of baking soda and as much soap chips.Soak-heel to steam until the solution becomes slightly warm.Then, without wiping the feet, apply scrub and clean the heel with pumice.Scrub can be prepared independently of the vegetable oil and coarse salt: a spoonful of the two mix - means done.After rinsing heels apply a nourishing emollient cream or olive oil, beaten with lemon juice.

Herbal bath for soft

heels for foot baths for cosmetic use marshmallow root and lime color.The broth is prepared in the same way as if you were preparing for themselves herbal tea, raw materials taken only three times more.Some very romantic girl has added to the broth and honey - just do not hurt, though not proven, that it is the beneficial properties of honey so magically transform heel after herbal baths.After the bath necessarily use the scrub, and finally put on the heels fat cream.

Salt bath soft heels

This procedure is called a two in one: at the same time strengthens the nails on the feet and softens the skin on the heels.Preparing simple: half a cup of hot water, plus sea salt, plus the same amount of soap chips.After the bath - traditional scrub and nourishing cream.

masks soft heels

the same way as you care with masks for the face and hands, you can indulge such care and heels.Time these procedures will take a little bit, but the result you will surely enjoy.

Folk remedies for easing heels Squash soft heels

zucchini, as you know, you can do the eggs and bake pancakes.And, it turns out, one can make great masks for heels.

young zucchini mince, mashed pour a spoonful of olive oil.Spread on gauze pads, like butter on bread, and put the heels.Secure the bandage and a half-hour break thumbs.Although, of course, it is possible at this time to do the procedures for hands or face, not getting up.

After the mask (residues, by the way, do not forget to rinse with water) on the heels apply your usual cream for feet.

Olives soft heels

Leaving discharge VIP - Well, you know, how many there are large fresh olives.But the beauty demands, as they say ... so buy two hundred grams of large olives, remove the seeds, chop the flesh in any way.Add a quarter of lemon (the flesh) and raw egg yolk from the egg.Whisk into a homogeneous mass.The resulting "cream" Spread heels poschedrey and leave to dry completely.Remove the mask with warm water, olive oil, lubricate the heel.

this procedure do well after a preliminary scraping - so your heels are even softer and smoother.

Apricots soft heels

Ripe apricots sweet and sour varieties to stretch in the large enamel bowl, heat on the stove until almost heated.In the fruit puree add a little corn oil, mix and apply tolerate hot on his heels.Top isolate as a compress, cling film and thick woolen socks.Keep about half an hour.After removing the mask with water to lubricate your usual heel cream.

Apples soft heels

Sweet apples to eat, how much you want and serdtsevinki them crushed into a puree together with bones.Add a little bit of rye flour to the dough turned out sort of fruit, quite flexible, so it can be taken by hand, but not steep.Fruit and cakes from rye dough adjust on the heels using bandage wrap on top and polyethylene wear thick socks.An hour to sit alone.After such a "compress" feet can not rinse, just grease heel moisturizer.

Radical rapid methods for soft heels

It also happens that the lead in the divine form the heel well as a desperately urgent need.Not until baths-skrabiki masks.In these cases, you can do the following: Home remedies for soft heels

1.Vospolzuytes to soften the skin on the heels of the purchased depilatory cream.Apply to clean damp heels, put on socks, bear a quarter of an hour.Clean off the softened skin with pumice, rinse with water, grease softening cream for the feet.

2. In the bowl of hot water to pour large salt, soak feet for five minutes to seven, then "run" into the water, hydrogen peroxide - or two tablets three tablespoons of finished pharmaceutical solution.Endure another five minutes.Whitened skin clean off the heels of a special float, shlifanut fine pumice, lubricated moisturizer.

Be careful!These methods are really radical, and can not be used on a regular basis in order to avoid the application of the skin stop irreparable harm.