Useful properties of cherries benefits of cherries in the human diet is very high, since this wonderful berry has at its disposal a large number of medicinal properties.Anyone who has ever eaten cherries, certainly knows how it quenches thirst and improves appetite.These slightly tart berries contain a lot of coumarin - substances that lower the threshold of blood clotting and prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels.Use cherry lies in the fact that it strengthens the entire circulatory system of the body.If you have any problems with blood vessels, or capillaries, you should definitely use this berry to eat.

Cherry used to improve motility of the digestive glands, as it is a good stimulant of the secretory function of the stomach, pancreas, gallbladder.Useful properties of cherries are also its ability to destroy harmful bacteria and prevent them from multiplying in diseases.We know that this berry has expectorant and a laxative effect.Cherries often make different cough syrups and cold.

Useful Properties Cherry

In folk medicine, the use of cherries plays an important role.Cherry-Berry is used as an antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial medication.Its juice is combined with a lot of vitamin C, and it strengthens its effect, thus further stimulating the immune system.
very useful juice from the cherries.A high content of vitamins B1, B6 and C, together with iron, copper and magnesium provide a remarkable effect in the treatment of anemia and other diseases associated with the hematopoietic system.
Benefits cherries have also in the treatment of sore throat, stomach and intestines.To study the antimicrobial properties of cherries was once conducted an experiment, which later showed that the cherry juice kills dysentery and Escherichia coli in less than one hour.This is because the cherries contain antitsianidy who have expressed an antiseptic effect.

Benefits and harms of cherries

Benefits and harms of cherries can not be considered as a whole, because cherries have only one drawback - it is the seeds can not be said about the benefits of apricot pits.Kernels cherries are poisonous, although used under medical supervision for the treatment of renal disease.Just because you can not eat them!

Furthermore all the above mentioned useful properties cherries, it also contains vitamin PP, pectin, cobalt, ellagic acid - to prevent cancer, malic and citric acid.Cherry Health Benefits People with high acidity in the stomach is not recommended to eat a cherry from her detention in the last two acids - they irritate the digestive system, which does not make cherry, which is so like her.The systematic use of cherries lowers the risk of heart attacks in humans.

known that the usefulness of cherry recovered not only from its fruits, but also from different parts of the tree - the leaves, roots and stem.For example, the resin make medicines to treat stomach, a decoction of the leaves and branches helps with chronic colitis and intestinal atony.

all the useful qualities of the cherry is simply not to list it easier to just go and try it!

Calorie cherries 100 grams - 52 calories.